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Will this sunshine last all day?

1 r bridge

It’s Sunday and so my thoughts today are with photography. I can see a blue sky and sunshine! I have to do some shopping though, I’m running out of food and essentials. I have a busy week planned too, so it would help if I could get the shopping out of the way. I tried yesterday but there was a queue of cars not only trying to get into the supermarket car park, but trying to get out too.


The government thinks immigration is a problem because immigrants claim benefits, this has been proven to be untrue. More people coming here does create more demand for housing and puts a strain on social housing and contributes (together with low interest rates) to a house price bubble in the private sector. There are some people who do well out of this, the gang masters paying them crap wages and the buy to let landlords renting houses to people who will pack a dozen adults into a house designed for a small family.

Minimum wage

We have a minimum wage and it should be enforced, with no get out clauses that allow employers to pay less. Many provide dodgy accommodation and ‘food’ to get out of the requirement to pay the minimum wage.

Many people working for the government, the NHS and local government are paid the minimum wage and despite their income tax being lowered by the present government they still have to claim tax credits, housing benefit and council tax benefit. Many of them have been caught out by the government’s so called ‘bedroom’ tax.

George Osborne

It would seem that even George Osborne has worked out that a higher minimum wage would mean fewer benefit claimants, more money going into government coffers in income tax and as the extra money is spent in the shops, more going to the government in VAT, fuel duty and alcohol duty. The question is why didn’t they do this sooner? Why wait until the general election is less than 18 months away?


Empathy is our ability to feel an emotion when we see others suffering. We are able to put ourselves in their shoes, even if it’s only for a moment and feel their pain. It’s this ability that makes great writers, artists, doctors  and dedicated nurses. People with psychopathic tendencies lack this ability and can be quite ruthless and cruel. Scientists have found these traits can be born in them rather than acquired. It’s not the private education, the elitist upbringing and the belief that they are better than the rest of us that makes them so ruthless. Their brains are different. Psychologists now believe such people make great leaders and many find their way into politics. We need psychopaths, some psychologists are now telling us. Yeah, just like we needed Hitler…

Margaret Thatcher

Questions are being asked about Margaret Thatcher’s involvement in the 1984 BlueStar Operation in India . It seems Thatcher and Gandhi the world’s first women prime ministers worked together on that operation. That ‘operation’ left about 1,000 people dead in a military assault on a temple. Was the Indian military helped by British forces and advised by the SAS? David Cameron has ordered an investigation which probably means we will never know.


The creative process means sorting through zillions of associated words and images in your mind so you can create something new. To write an article like this or create a work of art. My words today included psychopath, Osborne, Hitler, Thatcher, Ghandi and Cameron… Spot the odd one out. It is of course Hitler, he had a moustache…


I don’t believe it, not a cloud in the sky  and I’m nearly done writing this load of crap. I think I might get some shopping done before lunch. It might be a bit busy in the supermarket today. It’s like the United Nations in there today, when they all descent on Aldi looking for bargains. I was told yesterday that David Cameron pays £90 a time to get his hair cut. They had cheap hair cut sets in Aldi, but who could he trust to do it for free and not stab him with the scissors? It makes you think how lucky we mere mortals are…

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Will this sunshine last all day?


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