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Black Country Canals

2 fishing catch

There is a lot of interest in fishing in the Black Country and I’m starting with this photo today. This lad caught this pike in the Walsall canal on Sunday. This post should be syndicated by the YamYam. Fame at last aer kid! Locals might want to know where this is on the map so check it out on Google maps

I was trying to get good images for the waterways competition. I have uploaded about 20 photos to their website yesterday.

222 111 competition shot.

I think this one taken on the Birmingham canal at Tipton might stand a chance. Most of the entries so far are summer pictures. Shots like this are a little bit harder to get.

222 back along canal

I drove down the road to get this shot a little farther down the canal and the sun went behind a black cloud. Fortunately it came out a little and I took the shot.

2 little bridge and locks

I took this photo later on into the sun.

The sun was in the wrong position for this shot, but it’s not too bad, but didn’t enter this one in the competition.

2 Ocker Hill - Toll End

I did enter this one and you can see how still the camera had to be for this shot. It was on a fast speed with a lot of sun light though. It’s quite unusual for a winter picture.

1 Woden Lake using a Cokin filter

While we had some sunshine, I decided to try out one of my new Cokin filters for a shot by the lake. I like it, but I need to experiment more with the filters. I have already dropped one. It was the UV filter too, the one I really wanted to try!

2 st barts spire

I took this photo later on, into the sun. Taking a shot like this is difficult, because the camera will speed up when it detects the extra light from the sun, making the silhouette of the church very dark. I pointed the camera down away from the sun to focus and keeping my finger on the shutter button, pointed the camera up and took the shot. We can see the church!

Which photo do you like best, this week? Please comment or you can also follow me on Twitter  for updates. 

5 responses

  1. Hi Mike, You’re making it tough on us! I like all of them except the one with the fish. That one looks scary. Amazing that a fish that large could be in the canal!

    The church photo is majestic. The angle you got and the intensity of the shadow combine to make that a powerful image.

    Good luck with the contest! Maybe for 2015 you should create a calendar of your favourite images!

    21, January 2014 at 6:04 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I’m waiting to hear from them. I uploaded one photo and they emailed me to say they accepted it. I haven’t heard about the latest batch. They are big files though, it took me all afternoon to upload! They range from 10 Mb to 16 Mb each and are suitable for a calendar and printing really big. It’s a shame I didn’t get one for the Christmas card, but one entry is bound to win that, he shot one of snow on the canal. I think those fish bite so I was never too keen to handle one. It was a good shot though for local interest.

      I read some of your posts last week, but was then called away by a Skype call before I could comment. I’ll read the Pinterest one tomorrow. I have a charity do to go to now! Taking my camera…

      21, January 2014 at 6:13 pm

      • Soon I’m going to be saying, “I knew Mike Maynard before he was famous!”

        21, January 2014 at 6:54 pm

      • I photographed a Rotary Club event tonight. There were presentations and a charity event. They were nice people. I might be photographing more of their events and supporting the charity events.

        Thanks for the vote of confidence though… 🙂

        22, January 2014 at 12:12 am

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