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Thrifty Thursday: January offers

The Aldi super-six this week are butternut squash, onions (1Kg), swede, Chantenay carrots (500g), baby potatoes (750g) and tomatoes (6 pack) They are all 49p each and that offer continues until the 30th of January.Those baby potatoes are nice, cook them in their skins…

Aldi are now doing a super-six offer on meat too. I tried the gammon steaks, nice with eggs and a few chips!

The super-six meat offers this week are Southern fried chicken goujons 99p a pack, British lamb shoulder joint (5.99/kg), gammon steaks (1.49 a pack), British pork fillet (6.49 Kg), Simon Howie wee black pudding (99p – 200g) and fresh haggis (1.29 a pack).

The Thursday special buys this week include a loft ladder at 49.99. There is also ladies clothes and decorating supplies. I will probably have the bumper pack of pork chops.

The Sunday special buys include a cashmere feel throw for 12.99. The other offers might be worth looking at, but didn’t excite me very much.

Next Thursday, 30th of January, they have the baby and toddler event.  No prices yet though!

You can save a few pence by checking out the latest petrol prices in your area at Just enter your postcode.  Some petrol has additives, that they say will give you more miles per litre. I’m not sure if that’s true. My car does seem to run better on Esso than supermarket petrol. I could be biased, I do hate joining the queue at Morrison’s or Asda…

At Matalan, they have January special buys now. The suitcase I had from there is half price reduced from £45.00. It’s good to buy things for your summer holidays in winter and get the bargains.

Prices at Amazon are quite often competitive compared with other retailers and they have some New Year deals too. I have been looking at a new lens for my camera and Amazon is a little more expensive than the cheapest I could find, but nearly half the price of Curry’s. Watch out for different prices for the same product. I can buy from Amazon with cash back or I can buy from a supplier through Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon) with no cash back, but 30 quid cheaper.

I’ve been looking at photos printed to canvas at Amazon. Some of the prices aren’t too bad. I had one done at Christmas that was 30 “ x 20” and it was really good. You need to consider putting a border around the picture that will be wrapped around the frame and consider whether the picture will enlarge to the required size without loss of definition. I think a good guide is to allow at least 100 pixels per inch and so a 30 x 20 picture would be 3000 x 2000 pixels. I am trying to do images that are double that though; 6000 x 4000 so I get a professional result. That doesn’t allow me to crop very much from the photograph though. It’s worth considering smaller sizes down to A4 to retain definition. At A4, I would have a print on paper rather than a canvas and frame it in a Poundland frame.

That’s all my savings for this week. I might go to Aldi later on, I went on Sunday but I forgot the beer! I like the Irn Bru, but it’s not quite the same as a beer on a Saturday night…

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