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Eccentric. Me?

1 Moorcroft Bridge

Someone suggested this week that I’m eccentric; off centre. Different! Yes, the Black Country seems to have more than it’s fair share of eccentrics. We have to be a bit mad to live here; it’s not the prettiest place in the world. It could be so much better, without the graffiti and the primitive behaviour.

Someone said it’s not the place, it’s the people. Most of the people are alright, it’s just the odd ones that spoil it. I heard that Sandwell council had another consultant to advise them on something again. It seems despite having their own legal department they have to outsource legal work to a firm of solicitors too. Councils are being forced to cut spending by the government, but are they cutting spending in the right places? They can still afford consultants on stupid fees and expenses, so perhaps not. Sandwell College is taking over the Public in West Bromwich to save the council  money. Who is paying for the conversion of the building into a college? The good fairy?

A suggestion was made this week that there should be fees for some state schools. The rich can afford it. Many parents now drive their kids to school twice a day and seem to have no problem affording the petrol to get them to the most fashionable academy. Maybe they can afford a fee too and how about a charge to park their car twice a day too? University students have to pay a fee and even kids going to nursery and so why not high schools too?

In a few months time we’ll find out who has all the money when the Sunday Times publishes it’s rich list. To prevent discrimination against the Royals, the Queen’s priceless art collection won’t be counted. That belongs to the people. The palaces, castles and jewels probably won’t be counted either, they belong to the nation too. The queen and the aristocrats will come out of it quite poorly and the rich list will be made up of foreign self-made billionaires and Paul  McCartney. The ex-Beatle might just make it to billionaire status this year.

Anyway, I think it’s good to be a bit eccentric. We’re not all the same are we? Yes, I do live alone. Yes, I do buy jelly babies from Aldi and I eat them… I do listen to Beethoven and Mozart. Yes, I really did eat my dinner with chop sticks last night. I did watch the lottery and Casualty in bed while drinking a bottle of Banks’s. No, I don’t watch Jeremy Kyle or East-enders; I’m not that bleedin’ mad…

People look down on people who are different. If you have different coloured skin, behave differently, come from a different culture or social class; they sneer. I try to treat everyone the same. Yes, all that promoting gay culture in Casualty last night did get on my nerves, but I don’t condemn the people. Look through my list of friends on Facebook and I think everybody is represented, except maybe the Bullingdon Boys. That’s because they’re all tossers…

Cameron and Osborne went to Switzerland on another junket. Let’s hope they went on the piste and won’t be coming back…

I tried to get my art works onto Saatchi Art this week. It didn’t work out. I don’t have a photo ID driver’s license or a passport. Not to worry. You can still buy prints, just send me an email and we will come to some arrangement. You’ll be cutting out the middleman…

They have forecast snow later this week for the Black Country. It will wash away by the weekend. So I won’t be taking snow pictures this year, unless we have snow in February. It has been known…

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