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Thrifty Thursday: Chinese spring festival

The Aldi super-six this week are braeburn apples, oranges,  blueberries, salad potatoes (1kg), mild onions (4) and baby plum tomatoes (250g). Those are all 69p each and the offers last until the 12th of February.

There are now super-six meat offers too. The fresh meat this week is from Scotland and includes Chinese marinated British pork shoulder steaks for 1.79 a pack. The We Hae slice block is 2.99 a pack. Whatever that is… The Gressingham sticky duck legs look nice at 3.29 a pack. The Scottish Lamb mince would make a nice cottage pie, 400g is 1.99. The gammon steaks are 2.49 for 400g. Finally there is Scottish stir fried pork for 1.49 (340g). That would be just right for your Chinese New Year meal tomorrow. It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve today. This celebration is also called the Spring festival in China and people have a feast very much as we do at Christmas and have relatives and friends visit. If you stir fry that pork with chopped mild onion and you can add rice or noodles to that. I like to add frozen peas too. A little black pepper to spice it up a little and towards the end of cooking add your soya sauce to glaze all the ingredients and add flavour. You can also use Chinese 5 spice. They usually have some nice stir fry sauces in Aldi, that you can add to make it really easy to do a Chinese meal. It’ll make a change from your usual Friday night, fish and chips!

There are lots of baby things in the Thursday special buys for today. I want to look at the electric propagator for 14.99 and the windowsill greenhouse for 1.99. I want to grow some runner beans this year and need to start them off early. Todays special buys also include some other Chinese food.

The Sunday special buys this week might interest you if you need something for Valentine’s Day. There is champagne and chocolates!

Snapfish have a code on their website to use at the checkout for a 50% discount. They do prints, canvases and so on. A canvas that is 24 inches wide is 69.99. That would still be £35 with the code making it half price. I had a 30 inch canvas made through Amazon for just over £20 last month. The website is bloody awful too. They need sizes and prices all on the same page rather than sending potential customers all around the website looking for the prices. I would have liked to compare canvases   with acrylics too. Snapfish is owned by HP, the company that makes laptops that overheat…

You can save some money by joining things. Matalan have a card that gets you a discount occasionally. I have a 5 pound voucher off 30 pound because it’s my birthday this weekend. Ask for a form at the checkout.

B&Q do a card for the over 60’s to get a 10% discount and there are many concessions for the over 60’s so watch out for those at tourist spots too. They have a horrible website too.  I think I will have to measure my mini greenhouse before I go there.

Have you spotted any bargains? Please share your ideas in the comment box. You can also follow me on Twitter. You can find local news and blogs on the YamYam.

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