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The Review: Subjects for bloggers

The Birmingham Canal at Tipton

Today’s picture is the Birmingham canal at Tipton. I’m hoping this photo will win the waterways calendar competition. Tipton isn’t the prettiest place in the country. In fact the whole of the Black Country can’t be described as pretty. I do take some good photos though, I just wish the planners could see views like this.

The Black Country is a deprived conurbation, with rising teenage pregnancies and HIV infections being reported this week. In Wolverhampton, they want to close street hot dog stands and open a Costa coffee in council buildings.  Why not just turn the whole civic centre into a playground for the overpaid middle classes? Have a Starbucks, a Costa, a fancy wine bar, a gym, a zumba hall and  a  Weight-watchers club and get rid of the things people really need.

Finance Friday: Living standards was yesterday’s post. People’s living standards are dropping, they can’t afford a hot-dog, let alone Costa coffee…

Thrifty Thursday: Chinese Spring festival was Thursday’s post. The Chinese new year of the horse began on Friday. Many supermarkets have Chinese food things on offer; spring rolls in Aldi and Sharwood’s Chinese sauces in Asda.

Life: We need so many things just to live was Wednesday’s article about… life…

The art of making money was on Tuesday and about making money from your art and photography.  If you would like to buy a limited edition print of one of my pictures, please email me. A canvas print at 30 inches wide can be done from many of the images. The one I’ve used today would be good. I’ll even sign it for you!

Art in Walsall? was also on Tuesday and used some photos from my trip to Walsall art gallery as well as a image of a horse and cart in sepia that would make a great print for someone.  That one is on Saatchi Art and on Deviant Art. I think a smaller size print, maybe 24 inches wide would suit that picture better.

Psychology: selling yourself with honesty was Monday’s psychology post. We sometimes need to sell ourselves and make a good impression. They say honesty is the best policy…

Eccentric. Me? was my Sunday ramble.  My Sunday posts are always more humorous and so always more popular.

What do people like to read about? This is a question many bloggers ask. I’ll tell you the most popular subjects. Photography and video top the list, because people are essentially idle and like to look at the pictures. I like the photos, but hate video, it takes up too much time. Next on the list is politics. We all think we can run the country, if not the world. Music comes next. I suppose I should cover that subject too. I thought about a Desert Island discs post. What music would you want stranded  on a desert island? I think Beethoven’s moonlight sonata would be on my list and some Mozart too. Life comes next on my list of popular subjects. I know a lot about that! That’s followed by news, then art and love. The final two on my list are humour and food. I write on all these subjects, but I could make more of an effort on some of them.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


2 responses

  1. I think anything you choose to write about would be a good read. I enjoy your posts they are honest and witty. 🙂

    2, February 2014 at 11:25 am

    • Thanks, I think practice helps and honesty too. 🙂

      3, February 2014 at 3:39 pm

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