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Thrifty Thursday: Bargains this week


The Aldi super-six this week are braeburn apples, oranges,  blueberries, salad potatoes (1kg), mild onions (4) and baby plum tomatoes (250g). Those are all 69p each and the offers last until the 12th of February.

Meat Offers

There are now super-six meat offers too. The fresh meat this week is from Scotland and includes Chinese marinated British pork shoulder steaks for 1.79 a pack. The We Hae slice block is 2.99 a pack. Whatever that is… The Gressingham sticky duck legs look nice at 3.29 a pack. The Scottish Lamb mince would make a nice cottage pie, 400g is 1.99. The gammon steaks are 2.49 for 400g. Finally there is Scottish stir fried pork for 1.49 (340g). These meat offers continue until the 12th of February too.

Special buys

Today’s special buys include  a carpet cleaner which could save you some money on cleaning bills for carpets.  There are lots of things for car maintenance too. Even keeping your car clean and polished helps preserve it’s value. The windscreen wiper blades are really good value. Check the pack to get the right size and read the instructions. The universal ones are easy to fit, if you follow the instructions! More rain is forecast for the UK and so those could be useful. Check out the special buys when they are being sold off too. I had 2 pairs of leather work gloves for 1.50 this week. Great for the garden! I also had lens cleaning wipes the other week. Great for glasses and camera lenses.

The Sunday special buys include spray paints, tools and DIY stuff. I must get a 3 in 1 oil spray for 1.99. That’s just the job for oiling the hinge on my car door. It keeps creaking! A lot like me!


Asda George still has a sale on, but I still haven’t got around to  taking a look.

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has limited quantities of £20 coins for sale. They are actually £20 each and can be ordered online. Enter E1449P at the checkout for free delivery. They say those might run out today or the offer might end, so be quick to get those. They are in a little presentation pack and are .999 silver, so good for presents. They are good for a wedding present or the birth of a baby.  They are allowing 10 per household now, they said 3 per household before Christmas.


I found eGlobal Digital Store the cheapest for camera lenses, cameras and electronic goods. I found a camera lens I want for half the price some retailers are charging. Note they are in Hong Kong. I bought my camera from Hong Kong and it was delivered by courier without any problem from DigitalRev. This site seems OK too, but I haven’t used them yet. The prices appear to be inclusive of VAT and carriage for most things.

Have you spotted any bargains? Please share your finds with a comment in the comments box. You can also find more posts on a zillion ideas. You can follow me on Twitter too.

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