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The Review: Appreciating the countryside

Forge Mill car park

The photo today is one I took in Sandwell Valley last Sunday. The car park at Forge Mill Farm was quite full. Many of the visitors who visit the farm and lake aren’t British. Perhaps they appreciate the English Countryside more?

Sandwell Countryside Park is open to the public and as well as visiting the farm, you can also walk miles down the bridleway around the lakes and around Swan Pool too. There is a large variety of different birds to see and photograph.

Finance Friday: Adding value was yesterday’s post over on A Zillion Ideas. Could they add value to Sandwell Valley? Perhaps not, it’s run by the council. Something in keeping with the countryside where people could buy a cup of tea might work?

Thrifty Thursday: bargains this week was Thursday’s thrifty post. I mentioned the silver £20 coins the Royal Mint were selling in that post. I ordered some, but there appeared to be a problem paying with my credit card. They arrived today, so maybe there wasn’t a problem!

Life: Making the most of it was Wednesday’s post. I’m already planning what to do in  6 weeks time when winter finally turns to spring. Maybe I need to add some things to my bucket list? Things to do before I kick it!

Neodigital Art and photography was Tuesday’s post over on a zillion ideas. There were a few photography tips in that post too. I have my camera set for the best quality and size possible now. Then I can edit and crop as much as I want, almost.

Photography: Sandwell Valley was my post here on WordPress. That used my photos from my outing on Sunday. I think getting out and experiencing nature is good for mental health. It’s sad how many people who stay in watching EastEnders on a Sunday afternoon go nuts!

Psychology: introverts and extroverts was my usual Monday psychology post. We are always curious about ourselves and psychology offers us a way of looking at ourselves and other people.

Groundhog Day was my Sunday ramble about this, that and the other…

I’ll be back tomorrow, writing another Sunday ramble. I hope to take photographs again tomorrow afternoon, if the weather has improved.

I still need people who want to guest blog for a Zillion Ideas to get in touch. You can have a go at writing about most things. Just send your article to me at the email address in the sidebar. You can also send photos. This is a good opportunity if you want to get into writing, but don’t know how to start.

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