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Thrifty Thursday: Valentine bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are little gem lettuce (2), garlic (4), celery, tomatoes (6), chantenay carrots (500g) and button mushrooms (150g). Those are 49p each and the offer lasts until the 26th of February.

Meat offers

The super-six meat offers this week are British pork chops (700g) for 2.69, British specially selected sausage selection (400g) for 1.49, British beef meatballs (360g) for 1.39, British whole chicken (1.5Kg) for 3.99, British pork fillet medallions ( 300g) for 2.79 and dry aged sirloin steak with butter (185g) for 3.49. I’ve tested the pork and the chicken and so I can tell you they are good quality. I don’t eat sausages because they aren’t gluten free. The steak is nearly 19 quid a kilo, so I would think twice about that anyway!

Today’s special buys are worth looking at. Lots of things for the bathroom. I might watch out for the mould and mildew remover. I get little bits of black mould in the bathroom and kitchen by the taps. That can spread and so worth getting rid of before it gets bad.

There were special buys on Tuesday that included red roses for Valentines Day. They might still in stock. Aldi is always a good place to look for flowers.

The Sunday special buys include a food processor and lots of things for the kitchen. They also have a deep fat fryer and lots of pans.


Poundland has lots of things for Valentine’s Day. They also have seeds and things for the garden. I picked up 2 pairs of leather ‘work’ gloves in Aldi last week, half price for 1.50. Great as gardening gloves! They have 75 bulbs in Poundland, that would make your garden colourful.I don’t know when you would plant them though! I must plant my daffodil bulbs! I was told to put them in the freezer for a few days and then plant them.

I’ve bought a new mini greenhouse cover from Amazon and so I’ll be starting plants off in there this year. I want to grow lots of runner beans this year. I might even have another go at lettuce and tomatoes.

Half Term

Yes, it half term next week. No school run! I hope we have a little decent weather, so I can get around a bit without steamed up windows or queuing at traffic lights when the school run starts. I have a voucher for Matalan so I might go and see what they have. I don’t need much, but I would like a new sweater. They have some half price. I must go and take a look!


Tesco have 600g boxes of Milk Tray, which they claim are half price. They are 5.50. I bet they didn’t sell many at £11 a box. The little gem lettuce is on offer in a twin pack at Tesco for a 75p. I’ll let you compare that with the twin pack at Aldi for 49p. You can get the same twin pack in Asda for 80p.

Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. You can cook a frugal meal with some of these bargains. Get your cards and accessories from Poundland!

Have you spotted any bargains? Please share your finds by making a comment. You can also tweet them and follow me on Twitter.


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