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The Review: A week of floods

1 floods

We haven’t been affected much by the floods here in the Black Country. The River Tame flooded a little and I managed to get a photo. It probably flooded a bit in Sandwell Valley Countryside Park too, but the excess would go into Forge Mill Lake. Maybe they need a balancing lake on the Thames?

It wasn’t a very good week on the stock market, but I did start playing a new game called  Big Deal and so I wrote about that yesterday.

Learn to invest and win prizes was yesterday’s post on a Zillion Ideas. You can play that game too. Who knows you could become a stock market millionaire?

Thrifty Thursday: Valentine bargains might help you save enough money to be able to afford to play the stock market.

Psychology: symmetry was this week’s psychology post. The beautiful people have better genetics and more symmetrical faces. Not to worry if you’re not one of them. The beautiful people are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies too!

Photography: Preventing blur was Tuesday’s photography post. I shall be taking more photos soon with new filters and using my tripod. I will also be testing a UV filter. Does it really improve photos or is it just good for protecting the lens? I’ll be testing one.

No S**t Sherlock was my usual humorous Sunday ramble. That looked at life and a few local problems, like dog poo. You might have seen some of the photos I’ve taken in Sandwell Valley Countryside Park. Dog s**t is a serious problem there and so they are fining owners £75 for not cleaning up after their dogs.

If you are wondering why I didn’t publish the psychology post until Wednesday, when I usually do it on Monday. It’s because I didn’t finish it until Wednesday. I actually started it on Saturday hoping to have it done in time, because I had an appointment for a ultrasound scan on Monday. Never mind, I got there eventually…

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble. I have some exciting news this week. Well it’s as exciting as my life gets!

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