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Money is no object

1a motorway and floods

We have seen people lose their homes or be subject to the insecurity of having their homes under threat in recent years. Changes to Housing Benefit rules meant many people with a spare bedroom had the choice to pay more rent or move to a smaller home. It was a cruel policy.

Now as Climate Change really does become apparent, people’s homes are threatened by floods. Should we be less sympathetic because the people affected live in the affluent south of England?

New schemes on motorways promise to pack in even more traffic. They are opening up the hard shoulder to traffic at peak times and in a bid to stop everyone racing to overtake each other in the outside lane, new digital speed cameras are set to discourage speeding on motorways. Unlike the speed cameras people are used to, these will be grey, not yellow and many will be mobile, operating from motorway bridges.

It’s not just grey speed camera you have to watch out for on motorway bridges. The bridges have become a popular way to end it all, when the bedroom tax, the threatening letters and the debt make life unbearable and not worth living. Will flood victims now join the queue to jump from bridges on Britain’s motorways or will they just claim on their insurance and get help from a government that claims that money is ‘no object’ in this wealthy country of ours?

We are used to life’s luxuries as well as the essentials. Electricity supplies went off this week for many people because of the weather. We take electricity for granted as it powers our computers, cordless phones, charges the mobile and allows us to watch mindless television programmes. Imagine people having to sit around log fires staring at each other as the candles flicker and cast shadows around dimly lit rooms. What would they find to talk about? What did people talk about in Victorian times? The Downton Abbey lot would no doubt enquire whether the master of the house had a good day on the grouse shoot. They would be passing the port in the drawing room while they waited for dinner to be served. In bedroom tax land or candle tax land as it might have been known then. The master of the house would be coughing up coal dust and trying to get clean in a tin bath while his wife would cook dinner for a family of 10 using whatever food she could get. The divide between rich and poor is still there. The poor still resent the rich in private and some still bow their heads in the presence of their betters in public, but now resist the temptation to doff their cap. Wealth is passed down from generation to generation and if you are unfortunate not to inherit your share, then it’s bad luck. Luck, not effort is usually the determining factor that can makes you a success or a failure. Fate spins the roulette wheel of life and you can be born healthy and wealthy or be destined to a life of poverty confined to a wheelchair. Should we be generous to people who are not as lucky as we have been? People who are successful often attribute it to their own effort, it gives them an excuse to be greedy and keep the rewards for themselves.

Do you want to know my view on the Winter Olympics? The same as my views on the summer Olympics, except this time it’s the Russian people paying, not the British. What a waste…

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3 responses

  1. The unusually harsh weather cold or hot, rainy or dry has been circling the globe the past 18 months. We either take precautions during the good days or we pay for it during the bad ones. [eg. You don’t repair a leaky roof during a rain storm.]

    16, February 2014 at 11:58 am

    • Hi,

      So true about everything. Save when we have money for the bad times and dredge river when we have a heat wave! I wonder if we are doing anything to store water water for the summer drought?

      Thanks for the comment.

      16, February 2014 at 12:47 pm

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