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Thrifty Thursday: special buys and bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are little gem lettuce (2), garlic (4), celery, tomatoes (6), chantenay carrots (500g) and button mushrooms (150g). Those are 49p each and the offer lasts until the 26th of February. There is still 28 days of winter to go, so think about nice warming soups and stews.

Meat offers

The super-six meat offers this week are British pork chops (700g) for 2.69, British specially selected sausage selection (400g) for 1.49, British beef meatballs (360g) for 1.39, venison and pork meat balls (300g) for 1.99, ready to cook presto chicken breasts (300g) for 2.79 and pork loin steaks (800g) for 3.99.

The pork is nice and you can do a lot of different meals with it. Try the sausages with baked potatoes. If you are a bit short of money allow 2 potatoes and one sausage per person. Cut the baked potato in half and insert a sausage, then serve with whatever cheap vegetables you happen to have. If they are still hungry, give them another potato! Try giving hungry kids at half term a good lunch and a filling dinner that is milk rich for both calcium and protein. Things like home made rice pudding or cheap cake and custard will fill them up and be relatively healthy.

Special Buys

Today’s special buys are mixed, but there is a lot of Italian food items and Italian wine. There is also some clothes, like the men’s soft touch jumper for 6.99. I went to Aldi yesterday, they have some gardening stuff in. They have vegetable seeds and fruit trees to plant in your garden too. Growing your own fruit and veg would save you a few quid.

The Sunday special buys might be worth checking out if you’re into crafts. There is a sewing box and yarn for knitting. There are instant soups 4 for 35p too.

They had nice bathmat sets in my local Aldi yesterday. I have about 4 sets, but I considered the white set. I keep spilling bleach on mine!


They had an electric propagator in Aldi yesterday. I want to grow my own this year, but I think my window sills will act as very efficient propagators this year because I’ve just has double glazing installed. The radiators under the windows will provide the gentle heat. I’ve saved lots of meat trays to use as seed trays and I have compost and runner bean seeds. I might take a look at the gardening stuff and seeds in Poundland. Lettuces and tomatoes aren’t very difficult to grow. I usually find saving seeds from commercially grown tomatoes works. Just put then on a bit of tissue or kitchen roll to dry.  I’ll get some rubber gloves from Poundland too. I have something to clean my hob, but it took the skin off my fingers last time!


I still have a £5 off voucher for Matalan that they sent on my birthday. I need more knitwear. They have glass roasting dishes too. I wonder if they are better than metal ones?


I’m still thinking of buying a new lens for my camera from eGlobaldigitalstore. They are based in Hong Kong. I bought my camera from a company based in Hong Kong and that worked out OK. I am cautious though and will pay with my credit card to give me some protection should anything go wrong with the purchase. The protection under the Finance Act does cover goods from overseas. Last week I bought a few things like camera filters and some Wrangler jeans from Amazon. They aren’t the cheapest, but competitive for some things that I can’t easily get elsewhere. They are also reliable. 

Google Chromecast

I just spotted a Google Chromecast for 34.99 at eGlobal. I might consider one of those!  That was reviewed on Wonder Of Tech earlier this month.   You can stream things via your computer, smart phone or other devices to your TV. Someone told me I can get Sky Movies with one of those…

What bargains are you looking for? I’m looking for bargains that will save me money in the future and bargains on the stock market that will make me money in the future. I had an email last month asking me to pay my phone bill at short notice for a discount. It only saved a little, but a pound here and a pound there adds up. I also paid my line rental 12 months in advance and saved 60 pounds. My GiffGaff goody bag ran out on Sunday. Did I renew? No, I wasn’t really planning on making any calls on my phone. I have some credit anyway if I do need to make calls. I only tend to send texts to other GiffGaff users which are free anyway. I might renew when I need to use it more and when I am likely to need the data too. I have a hospital appointment next week, so a 5 pound goody bag will give me a data allowance that I can use while I wait in outpatients. I can check out Facebook and Twitter. Waiting tends to get on my nerves, so it will be worth it.

Please comment if you’ve spotted any bargains or have a money saving tip. You can also follow the blog posts and get an email when there is a new post. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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