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The Review: Art Attack

11 Wednesbury Art

I seem to be gaining more recognition for my interest in art just lately. Not just for trying to create art, but as an art critic. One of the things on my bucket list is to get a picture into an art gallery. I don’t think it will be a local gallery.

My local galleries are quite Avant Garde enough for my stuff. The galley in Wednesbury had an exhibition by Bill Viola, a popular video artist from New York. Walsall Art Gallery had a Damien Hirst exhibition including a pickled sheep in a glass case. While I like some of Damien Hirst’s work such as The Pharmacist’s Creed, the pickled sheep sums up the galleries attitude to art. Follow like sheep what everyone else is doing. Avant Garde to these arty types is wearing a pink scarf to work and having a friend who’s gay. In the Black Country we are more down to earth, which could be why investor’s in art might value my opinion more! Anyway, I was looking at having a gallery print done of one of my images, it’s quite expensive, but for the right picture it might be worth it. Jean-Michel Basquiat stared by selling postcard sized images selling some to Andy Warhol. 

Finance Friday: Investment Risks covered many of the different types of risk that we take when making any kind of investment. Investing in art can be a big risk, but the rewards can be big too. You can enjoy looking at the picture though and so it might be worth it. I’m not too sure if seeing a pickled sheep in the middle of your living room everyday would be quite as uplifting though…

Thrifty Thursday: Special buy and bargains was Thursday’s post. Some people think being thrifty isn’t compatible with collecting art. Of course you have to be thrifty, to afford to collect art!

A 100 day adventure was about  taking a photograph every day for 100 days. I’ve been thinking about this and might start it on the Vernal Equinox. I took a photo of my dinner yesterday and this morning is sunny and I have a request for photos of the street where I live, so I might take a few later. There is no need to spend a lot of time on this adventurous quest, just point the camera at something interesting everyday and press the button.

Neodigital Art: Experimental edits was my Tuesday art post. If you’re going to be Avant Garde and lead the way, you have to experiment and explore. No one can accuse me of being a sheep or pickling sheep for that matter…

Photography: Cropping pictures was also on Tuesday. The posts about editing photos are always popular and you can improve your photos either using simple editing like adding a little contrast or more creative editing to  try to produce something artistic.

Psychology: Communication was my popular Monday psychology post. The human mind is complex and fascinating. We can build the complex structures of buildings or computers, yet simple things can baffle us. We are curious though and once we become good at creating something we begin to enjoy it.

Money is no object was my Sunday ramble. I think maybe David Cameron is regretting using that phrase now. I think it could be time to recognise that Britain is a crowded island, with traffic jams and a housing shortage. Building more home is no longer the answer. The floods have shown us that building too close to rivers and on flood plains is a mistake. Allowing too many people to come to our country to settle permanently is a mistake. We have to be humane when we are asked for help, but can we help set up a safe haven in another country that would welcome refugees? Many African nations would welcome the world’s refugees if that meant they would gain skilled workers like doctors. We just need the international will and support to make it happen.

That was all my posts for this week. I shall be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow. I’m hoping for a photographic outing if the weather improves, but I will comment on current events before I go. Do you have thoughts to share? Please use the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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