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Thrifty Thursday: February bargains

The new Aldi super six, starting today are lemons (3), swede, leeks (500g), Mangetout (150g), fun-size pears (8) and carrots (1Kg). They are all 69p, except the carrots which are 49p. Lots there to make a nice winter stew.

The super six meat offers include chicken drumsticks and thighs for 2.49 (50p off). I bought some of those yesterday and paid full price! I can’t go today, but hopefully I’ll save 50p next week. Those offers are on until the 12th of March.

The special buys today include lots of gardening stuff, including mini greenhouses. I’ve just bought a new cover for mine; I’m going to grow lots of runner beans this year. I think I’ll get some compost from Aldi next week. For 1.49 a bag of compost to sow your seeds in, is worth it. You’ll pay more than that for a couple of packs of runner beans. Fresh runner beans from the garden are delicious too. They have WD40 in the special buys too. I used some of that on all the hinges on my car doors on Tuesday, it worked really well. No more creaking!

The Sunday special buys includes lots of bedding. They also have LED light bulbs, they are expensive and so make sure you get one that is bright enough. I find energy saving bulbs of all kinds fairly useless. They are as dim as the people who promote them. The light on my cell phone is brighter than some of them. They must be able to make them better.

1 market

I went around my local street market on Tuesday. I didn’t find anything I wanted, but there were bargains. I saw Lynx deodorant for £2 for the large spray. I bought some just before Christmas, so I didn’t need any, but local markets are worth visiting. The little local shops have lots of bargains too.

Then we went in Poundland where we picked up a few bargains. I had those Black Pack sprays for my car, one to do the black trim outside and one to do the dash and trim inside.  I also had a solar powered light for my garden, some rubber gloves (so I can clean my hob) and a few other things. I bought a drink, I think that’s still in my car. I need a drink to take with me when I go out later. Always take a drink, it saves you paying top price while you’re out!

I have a hospital appointment today. The sun is shining and forecast to stay nice, but cold all day. I have no tips for avoiding the car parking charges, unfortunately. When I used to go, I always took 15 minutes to find a parking space, squeezing in anywhere I could. Now there are plenty of spaces at £1.00 every 30 minutes. I only go every few months, but it’s bad for visitors who need to go every day and some twice a day. There should be a compromise that makes best use of the car park and allows visitors to have a weekly pass at a reasonable cost and share it. Outpatients who have a long wait should be given tokens too for the machine. Patients from Stafford will now be sent to the hospital I go to. That is madness. They don’t want to travel and I don’t want more users causing queues. The roads here are already full to capacity at school run time and at rush hour. They used to do morning clinics at the hospital, now it’s mornings, afternoon and evening clinics. Can we have a little common sense from the government, rather than change for change sake and cuts for the sake of political ideology?

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