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The review: Too Black Country?

1 wednesbury

I’ve had an interesting week. I walked around the local market on Tuesday and took a few photographs. It wasn’t a good week on the stock market, the banks let the market down. Of course many other businesses depend upon banking and so confidence in the whole economy falls. Maybe, they should pay bankers a bonus when the bank actually makes a profit, rather than double pay on a loss?

I wrote a few blog post this week as I usually do.

Alternative investments was yesterday’s post on a Zillion Ideas. Many people think they aren’t rich enough to invest, so maybe alternative investments are suitable?

Thrifty Thursday: February bargains was Thursday’s thrifty post. I hope you found a few bargains. I had to go shopping on Wednesday, because I had a hospital appointment on Thursday. That cost me £3.00 just for the parking!

Photography: More editing was one of Wednesday’s post on a Zillion Ideas. Those posts on Wednesday have a problem with the font at the time of writing, but I’m hoping that will be fixed soon. The font is a little small at 9 pts.

Business Analytics: How it can help your business was another business post from Fairy Dharawat. Those posts are helpful for small or medium sized businesses who need all the help they can get to work efficiently and competitively.

Photography: Words and pictures was a good post on Tuesday. Those tips are useful whether you need to design a leaflet, poster or anything involving words and pictures.

Psychology: Imaginary friends was Monday’s psychology post. We all use our imagination to be creative, some more than others. How about you?

Black Country Day was my Sunday ramble.  That wasn’t so popular, maybe it was too Black Country for my overseas readers? Must do better tomorrow!

That’s it for today’s review. I hope you’ll check out my Sunday ramble tomorrow and you can also comment or follow me on Twitter even.


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