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Thrifty Thursday: saving the pennies

The Aldi super-six  are lemons (3), swede, leeks (500g), Mangetout (150g), fun-size pears (8) and carrots (1Kg). They are all 69p, except the carrots are 49p. The super-six meat offer includes the chicken thighs and drumsticks for £2.49.

Special Buys

Today’s special buys are really varied and include men’s clothes, children’s clothes and cookware.

On Sunday, the special buys include lots of clothing to interest motor cyclists and security products like a cool looking security camera. That camera is 49.99 and connects to you home computer network. Devices on a home network have their own private internet protocol numbers (IP numbers). For example, if I type into my browser or click that link that opens a control panel on my router. The IP of the computer I’m using would then be and so on. You can give a security camera an IP number and then control it from your laptop, smart phone or tablet computer.

The Aldi near my home still has lots of yarn for knitting too at 4.99 for 200g.

Winter Clothing

If you need winter clothing like scarfs and gloves they are in the sale at Matalan. It’s only a couple of weeks to Spring now, so watch out for bargains on winter knitwear and gilets, etc. in all the stores. Peacocks and George at Asda are worth checking out too.

Gourmet Salad

I bought some salad and made me a gourmet salad with fresh water prawns last week. We have to have our little luxuries! Watch out for Banks’s beer for 99p (500ml) at Aldi too. It’s proper British beer, not that continental rubbish…


When we have saved a few pounds on our supermarket shopping what do we do with it? I invest mine and with my water bill due before April the first, just paying that for 12 months will give us one less thing to worry about for a while. I think I can manage the water bill and look for bargains on the stock market. I was able to buy some shares yesterday with a big discount on my usual dealing fee (3.95 instead of 11.95). I bought shares in Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), because they have a few problems and are restructuring their finances. This is likely to include a rights issue in the near future. When you buy shares they have a ‘buy’ price and a ‘sell’ price, the difference between the two being the market makers profit. So you immediately lose money. I’m glad to say the price has gone up a little and I am now a huge 67p in profit on those shares! Obviously buying and selling shares is risky and you can lose money as well as make money. It is important that people invest in British industry and commerce or it won’t have a future. The rich invest; so why not people who aren’t so rich? The market is biased towards people with lots of money, but you can start investing with relatively modest amounts and build up your investments.

A Zillion Ideas

I’ll be writing about my investment in Royal Sun Alliance and about rights issues in an article for a Zillion Ideas. That will probably be published tomorrow. Why not check out the articles on my other website? I’m still lending money through peer to peer lending with Zopa too. That’s not as profitable as the stock market, but not as risky either. Returns are now over 4%, which beats most banks. I put an app on my Samsung Galaxy S2 yesterday, so I can follow my investments while I’m out. I have the phone on GiffGaff; that saves me money too. I made some credit, just by posting on their forum this month!

Have you got any money saving ideas or ideas for making a little money? Why not use the comments box to share them. You can also follow me on Twitter.

‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves…’


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