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The review: Local community and events

1 hospital

I’ve had a strange week. I did finally manage to get to the hospital for my blood test. I was in and out in 10 minutes, which left 20 minutes on my 30 minutes parking. At a pound for 30 minutes, it seemed a shame to waste it. The car park was quite full though and so I decided not to join the Costa Coffee crowd, although the Taste Cafe was a little tempting.

I have car washing on my mind. I need to wash my car, but even though it’s only 12 days to the Vernal Equinox (Spring). The weather is still chilly. I could take it to the many car washes around here and pay some East European a fiver to jet wash it and clean it inside and out. That would make me no better than David Cameron with his nannies from overseas or Nick Clegg with his immigrant gardener. That’s the Tories for you, they like their servants, but they don’t want to pay them too much. I would have liked to take my car to the local university and have it washed by the students raising money for good causes in their spare time. Students are a good cause now though, since Nick Clegg did a U turn on university fees.

Investments: Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) was my post yesterday on a Zillion Ideas. Yes, I have been investing again. The Tories don’t have a complete monopoly on it. I won’t be splashing out on a nanny and a gardener just yet though. Can you get gardeners that also clean cars? It’s International Women’s Day today, maybe I could get a female gardener/car washer? David Cameron interviewed some Strange women using Skype… (Sammi Strange – Australian backpacker…)

Thrifty Thursday: Saving the pennies was my thrifty post on Thursday. I am quite thrifty and this is why I can also look for bargains on the stock market. They have special offers too! I will be picking up some discounted shares in a couple of weeks for just 50p each. I will write about that Rights Issue when I see how it works out.

Photography: Getting the message across combined words and pictures to show how you can design adverts and use pictures to communicate a message. I’ll be doing more of that. I was thinking about designing a poster using last years carnival photos to advertise this year’s carnival on social media. I have to find out when this year’s  carnival is first!

Ideas for art and photography was over on a Zillion Ideas on Tuesday. That was a popular post and I really liked the pictures in that post.

Psychology: Language and social structure was Monday’s psychology post. The psychology posts are popular, because we are all fascinated by the workings of the human mind.

The grey areas of life was my Sunday ramble through the things on my mind, which was hospitals last Sunday. I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow.

I have no idea what I’ll write about tomorrow, but I have spotted an event to photograph tomorrow afternoon. We have to make plans and I hope to photograph and publicise more local events this year and get more involved in my local community. I think everyone should make some sort of effort to make their community a little better. A government initiative to promote better communities would be a good idea. The problem is; if the present government tried it, we would suspect it was a pathetic attempt to privatise local services by asking community groups and charities to take them over. I’m amazed by how many charities there are in the UK anyway. They all have staff and chief executives on 6 figure salaries, so I suppose they do support the middle classes.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. If you know of a local event in the Black Country, please let me know so I can try to publicise it a little. I might even come and photograph it.


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