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Wednesbury Nostalgia

1 birthday card

I think before we can decide where we’re going, we have to consider where we’ve been. Nostalgia is popular, people like to look back and they like to keep mementoes as reminders of happier days. Wednesbury has a history page on Facebook where we can share  such memories. It has over 3000 ‘likes’ and goes from strength to strength. Having something in common, makes us stronger.

That’s what communities are about, things in common. We need common roots, common purpose, common ambition and common goals. I really dislike the way politicians try to divide and conquer us. I think that applies to the nasties in London and local politicians too. Some of them want a society where an elite rule and the rest of us tug our forelocks and kiss a*se. They say they want social mobility, but when we see David Cameron bowing and scraping and calling the queen ma’am, we know he too has to show deference to his betters. Anyway, these groups and our things in common help us maintain some sense of pride.

Today’s picture is a copy of an old birthday card. We mess around restoring old pictures for the history group as best we can and we find information and images from the past.

1 birthday card 2

This sort of thing does make you feel old though! I went around Wednesbury museum a couple of years ago and they had my old school cap on display or a good copy anyway…


Yes, it’s Sunday and we actually have some sun in Wednesbury today. The temperature when I got out of bed this morning was 9C according to my phone that gives me the weather forecast and news, as well as waking me up. It’s not always right, it was sunny the other morning and my phone said it was foggy!

I intend to cook my Sunday lunch soon and then I’ll be out there with my camera capturing images for a future history group to rave about. When climate change and capitalism have destroyed the nature we have left, my pictures could become quite popular. I could become a millionaire; posthumously of course…

1 Moorcroft Pool

The recent rain has restored Moorcroft Pool (The Sanna) in Moorcroft Wood at Moxley to it’s former glory. I think the smaller pools have filled up too and so they have all joined as one now.

Let’s have another picture:

1 The Black Country

I have a terrible memory. I was going to ask my doctor about it, but I keep forgetting. Anyway, I think this could be a blast furnace. I’m fairly sure it was at Bilston Steel Works. It might have been called Lizzy, but I thought it had a number. Comment if you worked there and remember it.

They changed Facebook this week. It seems to be really slow now. Maybe the slowest website on the internet. It is popular, but so was Myspace and that is just a music site and not a very good one now. Social Media is changing and evolving constantly and it seems that many sites are slow because of links to advertising. Trying to make money from them can be a problem that turns the customers away.

I’ve been trying to make a Zillion Ideas more popular, but like many things people only use the more popular sites and so it’s a constant battle. Anyone who read my Friday post on a Zillion Ideas will know I’m doing quite well on the stock market. I have added an advert for a local business and links to interesting things, but I want the site to be  as fast as I can make it. It will probably become popular when I become a stock market millionaire!

That’s it for today, remember that there is not only history groups on Facebook, but local groups for buying and selling your unwanted clutter too. You can also post birthday greetings to friends and family and save on cards and stamps. You can share your thoughts today by using my comments box. What do you think? You can also follow me on Twitter.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know about our Latest Writing Contest

    Thanks Following us all this time


    9, March 2014 at 6:35 pm

    • Hi,

      I’ll take a look later. I hope it’s going well.

      10, March 2014 at 8:19 am

      • Thanks Mike


        10, March 2014 at 11:35 am

  2. I’m glad it’s not only me with the memory issues. And the least said about Myspace the better. Grrrr.

    10, March 2014 at 3:25 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I have too many things going around in my mind I think. I switch from writing to photography and then I’m talking to students and checking the stock market in between! lol I think Myspace should be a lesson for Facebook…

      10, March 2014 at 4:12 pm

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