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Photography: Black Country landscapes

1 bridges

It’s still winter for another 9 days in, but the sun is coming out a little now. The light for this shot was quite good, but the sun was low in the sky and so lots of shadow. It’s the canal and shows two 18th century bridges.

1 The Sanna

This pool is a relic of coal mining and is in the middle of Moorcroft Wood. I tried to get some depth with this picture, by including the trees in the foreground. Again the sun was low and it’s given the trees a golden glow on the Eastern side of the woodland.


I went for depth and symmetry with this picture. This road runs through the middle of Sandwell Valley Country Park. On the right there is a narrow lane running to Forge Mill farm and the river runs past there. Then on the other side of the river is Forge Mill Lake. Swan Pool is on the opposite side of the lane. On Sunday, people rushed there to enjoy the sunny day; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately that meant both car parks were full. So I took a look at the left side of this road!

1 Sandwell Country Park

The river crosses the road a little farther down the valley. On this side they mostly graze horses. This pathway runs across to Pennyhill Lane. I like the names of some of the lanes around here, they are quite historic.


I took this shot last year on the last day of summer. Now we can see the winter colours as winter comes to an end. Again, I have used the road going away to get depth to the picture.

You can notice in these pictures that the photos took on Sunday are paler, because the sun was so much brighter. I was using a UV filter for all these images. The colours are also affected by the position of the sun and in the last picture, you can see shadows affecting the colour of the road surface.


An empty road is a little boring, so waiting for a couple of cars to pass can make for a more interesting picture. There was a blue car too, that was behind the van tail-gating the red car…

Which picture do you like the best today? You can see more interesting images over on a Zillion Ideas. My post on there today covers macro shots.

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Remember that you can click these images to see a larger version (1000 pixels wide). The originals were around 6000 pixels wide.

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