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Thrifty Thursday: Mothers Day bargains

I looked at the cards for Mother’s day (30th March) in Aldi the other day. They seem good quality. They are from just 79p and are part of this Sunday’s special buys. There are lots of things that could make a good present for Mother’s Day too. I’m told the cosmetics are good. I had shower gel, hair gel and shampoo!

The Aldi super-six  are lemons (3), swede, leeks (500g), Mangetout (150g), fun-size pears (8) and carrots (1Kg). They are all 69p, except the carrots are 49p. The super-six meat offer includes the chicken thighs and drumsticks for £2.49.

The may have noticed that I always start my Thursday post with a picture of Aldi. I’ve took a new photo, but it’s still on my camera. I’ll use that next week!

There is lots to choose from in today’s special buys, but they are really worth looking at if you’re a decorator or you’re planning on doing some Spring decorating.  There’s a trolley backpack (19.99) that has a padded section for a laptop. That’s basically a backpack with wheels. I saw a backpack very similar to that for carrying camera equipment for 3 times the price. I’ll look at that and see if it has enough padding to protect my camera and lenses.

In my local Aldi, a lot of special buys from previous weeks were being sold off even cheaper. I wasn’t tempted. The chicken drumsticks and thighs were 50p off the usual price, but there was only one left…


I bought some fresh water prawns and made me a salad. If you’re slimming for the summer, leave the chips off and add some grated carrot for the vitamins and a couple of new potatoes cooked in their skins. You could also add some mild onion and chopped apple. If you want to cut the cost, use fewer prawns and add some pink salmon from a tin…

In the garden…

It’s only 8 days to Spring now and so we should think about the garden. I started mowing my lawn yesterday. I got the first section done. I’ve also bought a new cover for my little mini greenhouse. I’ve been saving plastic meat trays to use as seed trays and I’ll be starting off runner bean seed in my greenhouse in April. That might be too early, but if I’m lucky it could give me some early plants and runner beans in July. I’ll plant some in May and maybe June too. You can also grow tomatoes in a greenhouse or outside. A lot of the ones that are grown commercially are the best. Just buy some nice tomatoes and save the seed. Put the seed on a tissue to dry out and when it’s time to plant you can plant the seed and the tissue. Lettuces are quite easy to grow and although the prices will drop in summer, they’re still worth growing if you like fresh salad. Other things to consider are radishes and spring onions.


They are still selling off winter hats, scarves and gloves at Matalan. You could pick up a bargain for next winter. They have luggage at good prices at Matalan too. I had a case on wheels for less than £20. Check out Amazon too for branded clothing.


One of my friends wanted high quality headphones so I found a pair of professional Technica ones at eGlobal for 117.99. They can be different prices for different colours. I saw the white ones for over £160 on Amazon.

I want this Nikon telephoto lens for my camera. It’s dropped in price again at eGlobal, it cost twice as much at some stores like Argos.

Aliexpress is now selling in the UK. I haven’t used them, but they have a new warehouse in Poland. Delivery times can be quite long. I think they might only be suitable for traders like market stall owners now.

I had my camera from Digitalrev and that was sent by courier from Hong Kong without any problems. The price is even better now, just £309 for a Nikon D3200 DSLR. They also do that lens I want!  That is £179, but with free delivery. Cameras bundled with lenses work out better value.

If you are using supplier that are overseas and buying expensive tech, use a credit card to get some protection in case the purchase goes wrong.

Don’t forget local shops, markets and car boot sales for bargains. Look for good quality and good value.

Found a bargain? Please share it with us, in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. You’ll find more post over on A Zillion Ideas too.


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