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The Review: The end of winter

1 In the park

It’s the Spring Equinox on Thursday; winter is finally ending. Some weather forecasters are saying we will have a heat wave again like last summer. The ones on the BBC have said Spring starts on the 1st of March; so we’ll ignore them…

The light of day and the dark of night will be equal on Thursday and then we will go around 90 days to the Summer solstice which will be the longest day, when it will stay light well past 9pm. In fact we will move our clocks an hour forward on Sunday the 30th of March to make it stay lighter even longer!

Investments: Investing in peace was my post yesterday on a Zillion Ideas. When we invest, we should think about the ethics. Not that we are a nation of savers and investors. More a nation of Wonga loans and credit cards. I wonder why? Maybe a five year dose of austerity will make us be more careful with our money? It’s not working so far; perhaps higher interest rates and better returns on investments would work. Maybe they could scrap ISA’s and their fees and make all investments up to 100K tax free? Just a thought…

Thrifty Thursday: Mothers Day Bargains was Thursday’s thrifty post. We still have to try to save money on our shopping so we can squirrel a little away. Some us us need to save a bit for the future.

Education: For the journey was my post on Wednesday. That was a new subject for me. I might write about education every Wednesday!

Photography: Macro shots was my first Tuesday post on photography and that covered close up macro shots. Close up shots are useful for copying pictures and for food photography too.

Photography: Black Country landscapes was my Tuesday post on WordPress. That was a popular post with local readers. Hopefully, I’m recording a little history by photographing the Black Country too.

Wednesbury Nostalgia was another post on a local theme. I was quite surprised by the lack of popularity for that post. I had more readers in Germany than the UK on Sunday. I’ll try to mention Angela Merkel tomorrow…

I shall be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow. If you have a blog or you’re thinking of starting one. It’s not rocket science, but you do want readers and that can be the hard part. You have to develop a style and format that is popular with readers. Combining text and pictures is a good idea and writing categories that are popular too. It’s a good idea to get advice on writing and some experience writing guest posts before you start. Even choosing a good name for the blog and deciding on which service to use is difficult. I like WordPress, but there other services.

That’s it for today, please follow this blog, use the comments box to share your thoughts or even follow me on Twitter.


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