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Black Country photography

1 metro station

It makes it a little more interesting to add words to the pictures. This is the Midland Metro coming into the station. They have a new tram that I want to photograph soon, I’m told it’s longer. I hope it’s a lighter colour too…

1 Metro blur


This photo is quite interesting as the Metro tram speeds past. For shots like this, experiment with different speeds. Slow speeds can make the train or tram appear partly transparent. Here, I just have enough blur to suggest speed.

1 the four horse shoes

I like doing artistic edits and this edit of a photo of a closed down pub is made even better with a little lettering. I did the editing in PhotoScape to add the border and the text.

1 River Tame 2

I often photograph the River Tame, but this is an unusual shot. The sun is behind the trees and shining through. It doesn’t look much like a river here, but it must be quite deep. It looks quite still too, but is flowing and  high with all the rain.

1 1  wednesbury at night

I took this shot from high above the town near the church. I tried lots of different speeds to try to get the Black Country at night. In the distance are places such as Dudley and Wolverhampton.

1 lake resize

This is one of my more usual landscapes. You can see the weather is really changing now as Spring draws near. We still have the bare trees and colour of winter, but blue skies and sunshine.

Which picture do you like best? Please comment and share your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter. There is another photography post featuring unusual building over on a Zillion Ideas today.

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