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Thrifty Thursday: First day of Spring

1 Thrifty Thursday

The super-six at Aldi this week are baby potatoes (750g), asparagus (150g), conference pears (6/7), mushrooms (350g), fun-size apples (9) and oranges (5/6/7). They are all 69p each. That offer last until next Wednesday 26th of March. I’ll try to check out the new offers on Thursday. I know I messed it up last week! My tip this week is to cook the baby potatoes in their skins.

There are super-six meat offers too that includes pork, lamb chops and chicken. The gammon steaks are 2.49 for 400g. I didn’t like those; too salty…

Today’s special buys have a few things for me! I want the canes for my runner beans and the cloche tunnel. The cloche tunnel is 5.99 and you can choose between clear polythene, white fleece or black net. I want something to protect my runner beans so it will be clear polythene or white fleece; much as I’m into black net… They have a cloche cold frame too. They have numbers for marking your wheelie bin. You put your house number on. I looked at those and wondered why anyone would put their phone number on their wheelie bin!

The Sunday special buys include a deluxe window cleaning set and a robot vacuum cleaner. I’ll buy anything that makes housework easier, but I don’t think they would help me. I tried the Powerforce window cleaner and a micro-fibre cloth this week. That seems a good option.

Matalan have some offers in their sale, such as a Pierre Cardin tee shirt for just £3.  We need more tee shirts and light jumpers now Spring is here. I have a cotton knit jumper like this one except mine is a crew neck; handy when the weather is warmer, but not warm enough for a tee shirt.

We have to prepare for the Spring and Summer seasons now, not only with clothes, but thinking about the garden too. I’ll be planting runner beans and maybe growing salad too this year.

Have you seen any bargains or have any tips for saving money? Please share your ideas in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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