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The Review: Spring – day 3

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Spring is finally here and we have got the budget out of the way. What a damp squid that was. It seems our national debt as a percentage of GDP is higher than ever and still climbing.

The government can’t even afford to pay the interest on the debt. There are many ways of measuring GDP; to assess the amount of ‘stuff’ that we produce. If we spend more in the shops, GDP goes up….

Maybe we just need to print a lot more money and make poor people better off? That would make our money less valuable in the eyes of the world though and so buy us fewer dollars that we need to buy oil. The Americans are cutting back their quantitative easing now, printing fewer dollars so they could go up in value. Isn’t it complicated? That could be why the budget was a damp squid, they don’t understand it all either.

A middle class budget was my comment on the budget yesterday. It did appeal to some of the so called ‘middle classes’ I suppose. Will it get them enough votes to win next year’s general election? We still have next year’s give way budget to come….

Thrifty Thursday: First Day of Spring was my post on Thursday. Here in the real world we still have to economise.  We can’t just print our own money can we? Can we?

Another midweek moan was my post on Wednesday. That was another look at life. I try to see the bright side…

Photography: Buildings was my post on photography over on a Zillion Ideas. No matter where you are, you are likely to have interesting buildings to photograph. It made a change from landscapes anyway.

Black Country photography was my other photography post on Tuesday. I used some interesting shots from around the Black Country for that post.  Those included an interesting shot of the river and an old pub too.

Psychology: Nature or nurture was my Monday psyche post. It is interesting to look at how our environment has shaped us, but also consider what effect our genes had too.

I shall be writing another post tomorrow, I have no idea what will be on my mind. I suspect it will be the weather. It was 1 C and sunny when I got out of bed this morning. Unfortunately my heating didn’t fire up. Brrr… It was OK after I reset the boiler. It’s forecast to be cold, but sunny over the weekend, so it could be a good weekend for getting out and about taking pictures.

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