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Touching the world via Skype and social media

Wednesbury South

I use Skype and social media a lot. I get to know people in exotic places and chat via Skype and we share snippets of our lives through the social media of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I think it gives me a broader outlook on life; a valuable diversity…


We have a local history group on Facebook and share lots of information and photographs of the town I have always lived in. It gives us a connection, something in common. We even meet up and we had a Christmas party. 


I chat to students in China a lot. Yesterday, I talked to a young writer and student who told me about the things she was doing; the computer games and television she was watching. She likes The Big Bang Theory, but it’s not really my kind of humour. We also talked about a parody of Only Fool and Horses that was on YouTube with David Jason, Nicolas Lyndhurst and David Beckham that I watched yesterday. I would give you a link to that, but Comic Relief have had it taken down for infringing their copyright. You’re not missing much; David Beckham was typecast as a plonker…


One of the students I used to talk to in China at Xiaogan University is now studying at my local university in Wolverhampton. She still uses Skype to chat to me and we can exchange all kinds of files. She can send me her university questions. I can send photographs and even music sometimes. I learn a lot by helping. Last night she was having problems understanding a question that I found very interesting. She has to analyse why some famous people wear ripped jeans. It is of course a antithesis to their more formal designer clothes. They don’t buy a pair of jeans and put rips in them. They buy a pair of really expensive jeans and have them ripped to order.

Avant Garde

When I was a kid, people wore vests that were an off white or even grey, depending how far through winter it was. They had a grandad collar and were made of coarse cotton. They were a utilitarian  item of clothing, not a fashion item. My dad wore a trilby hat, he owned several and even had one for best. They were a fashion items, but I wouldn’t have be seen dead in one. I own three now…  Like those rich people in their ripped jeans, I hope I will look cool this summer in my linen  look trilby, my lily white grandad tee shirt and matching Henley trousers (Chinos). Being Avant Garde is simply doing it because you can. Rich people send out a hidden message, they are saying I can wear what I like; I’m rich. They are also narcissistic, they want to be noticed.  Being in the public eye makes them insecure and so they need to get attention of the right sort. Marilyn Monroe, when asked what she wore to bed, was said to have replied that she wore a little Chanel No 5. That was an Avant Garde statement. Bruce Willis once turned up to an awards ceremony in jeans and a tee shirt, just to send out the message that he was just that famous , it would be allowed. Anyway, the rich wear ripped jeans to send out a message, the poor wear ripped jeans because they can’t afford new ones…


Still with the Chinese theme. It looks like Lily Chou (played by Crystal Yu) won’t be leaving Casualty after all. She plays the slightly off-hand Chinese doctor in Casualty who send out the wrong message in an environment where everyone is expected to bend over backwards to show empathy towards patients and colleagues. From the time she turned up at the hospital and parked her scooter in what she saw as a sensible place, but the hospital saw as a no parking zone; she has made the series interesting. Lily has to become politically correct and less of a risk taker. She has ‘issues’ that are ‘impacting’ her work that require a ‘robust’ response… Poor Lily, they are going to turn her into a NHS robot…


Blogging also gives me a way of communicating across the world. I get readers on every continent, except maybe Antarctic. It is a two way medium for communication, you can have your say in the comments box. Twitter is also another social medium and I welcome interaction on there too. I follow anyone interesting, but especially writers, artists, people into canals, people in the Black Country, people into social media. I take an interest in the world that I live in. You can follow me on Twitter too.


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