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Clocks forward this weekend and a full moon…

You are probably wondering why today’s photo is of a electronic fly catcher. I decided to photograph the things I see, with my phone; just one a day. The patterns in this photo are interesting and you also get a glimpse of my garden.

I know, my lawn needs mowing! A glimpse of the things in my life tells, you something about me. I have been uploading one photo a day to Facebook, no one has commented yet. Maybe they don’t understand what I’m doing? Anyway, I also wrote some blog posts this week. I had a difficult week on the stock market as I began a crash course in rights issues; so I wrote about that yesterday.

Investments: Rights Issues was yesterday’s post. I hope that explained a little about what rights issues are. I’m still working out the effects of the rights issues on share prices. It would seem supply and demand is affecting the prices of the shares I am interested in.

Thrifty Thursday: chasing bargains was my thrifty post this week. If we have some money left over from buying all the things we need and paying bills, then we can save and invest and have a better future. That makes sense to me, but perhaps not to everyone…

Photography: Capturing history was one of my photography posts this week. I hope to capture some more history this weekend. I have also found out there will be events over Easter for me to go out and photograph; so I have something to look forward to.

Photography: landscape photography was my other photography post on Tuesday. That post compared my Fujifilm camera with the Nikon D3200. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in those photos, but when they are printed there can be a difference. Definition is better with the Nikon.

There was no psychology post this week. I’ll try harder next week.

Touching the world via Skype and social media was my usual Sunday ramble. I’ve just been chatting on Skype while writing this.  I showed the picture I started this post with to a student in China. Small world isn’t it?

I’ll be writing another Sunday post tomorrow. I have no idea what it will be about. I do know that we put the clocks forward and hour at 2am tomorrow here in the UK. That will mean it will stay lighter later tomorrow. Maybe I can get some good photos in the last hour? The first hour and last hour of the day are described as the golden hours by some photographers because the light can be better for landscapes. Tomorrow night is a full moon too, that will be another photo opportunity. Not only can we try to photograph the moon, but use the light from the moon for night shots…

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