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Did you remember to change your clocks this morning? Yes, we changed to British Summer Time here in the UK, this morning. I was up an hour earlier, but the heating didn’t come on to warm the house before I got out of bed. It was a bit chilly…


I’m planning on an early lunch and then I’ll go out and see what I can photograph. The golden hours for photography are the first hour and last hours of the day. I won’t get up at the crack of dawn, but I might take advantage of the light just before sunset. Today’s picture was taken in the late afternoon, but you do have problems with long shadows.

Stock Market

I had a difficult week watching the stock market. I’m no expert, I’m still learning and probably will always be learning. The experts are those wonderful bankers with their million pound bonuses. You know the ones, we bailed them out a few years ago when they made a few little mistakes. The stock market has been depressed with falling prices the past couple of weeks, because of the troubles in Ukraine and Crimea. There is never a bad day on the stock market they say. If prices go up you can sell and if prices are falling you can buy. Prices are falling which is probably why the government chose this week to sell a load of Lloyds shares. They know what they’re doing; they’re experts… Right?


I review art exhibitions sometimes, again; I’m no expert. I have been described as an art critic by a company that advises wealthy clients on art investments. They are probably experts. I just think that if it’s a nice picture that they can make lots of copies of and people like it; the people will buy the prints and have them on their living room walls. That’s art, stuff that people like. The experts think art is what they like and spend millions of our money buying weird things for our art galleries that few of us will ever see. I like some of Damien Hirst’s work, such as the Pharmacists Creed, but not the sheep pickled in formaldehyde. I’m no expert though… I’m still learning. I’m quite the believer in life time education.


Gay marriage was legalised in the UK this weekend. It’s not natural is it? We are animals, not really any different from all the animals in nature. So why do we have to be different? Humans are the only species that find it necessary to get married. I’m no expert, but maybe it’s because we’re the only animals that can talk? If chickens could say I do, would they get married? It makes you think. Someone told me there are gay animals. Did someone ask them? 

I wonder why chickens aren’t religious… Imagine if they were. Some wanting kosher and some wanting halal…


Education is important, we need to keep asking questions. We are different from the other animals. We have smart phones.  I talk a lot to people in other countries. People who speak exotic languages, but often they share our beliefs or at least our prejudices. We all have the same instincts to survive and that means being suspicious of anyone or anything that is different. I remember another kid when I was a child who had a huge head and was in a wheelchair. He looked weird and a little scary. It wouldn’t bother me now, I’ve learnt why people look like that. Nuns were really scary in their black habits when I was a kid too. Then there were black people and dwarfs. I had a really scary childhood. Learning has made me realise that they are not as scary as they look. Black people are just a different colour and some dwarfs are really Happy…


The hardest decision I have to make on a Sunday is whether to make gravy to go on my Sunday lunch. Then I have to decide what to photograph and where to go. I’m looking forward to the summer and photographing events. There will be narrow-boats on the canal at Easter; that will be an interesting photo opportunity. What do you think? Are you an expert? Do you think education and learning is important? Do you think chickens should get married? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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  2. Thank you for this blog! Seriously useful info.
    I have bookmarked this and i also am looking forward to reading new articles.
    Keep up the great job!

    10, April 2014 at 11:43 am

    • I did the test on you website and got 5 wrong. I only just passed and I’m British! 😉

      10, April 2014 at 8:28 pm

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