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Photography: Images to treasure

111 Tame into the sun edit

Imagine medieval knights trying to find their way through the English countryside. They might follow the river. This photo might not look too much like the river, I think it been made deeper here and canalised. I can now reveal that beyond those trees, ‘treasure’ was found once!

I know it’s April Fool’s Day and last year I did a post that said the Wednesbury hoard of gold might be found along the river somewhere near Toll End. But there are still fields down the river and in some places, they haven’t been disturbed since medieval times. Where else would you look for treasure? The medieval knights would need food and water. The river would provide both.

Local  people will be wondering where this picture was taken. I will explain. As you leave Wednesbury travelling in  the direction of West Bromwich there is a Esso service station:

esso side on

Next to it there is a bridge over the river, as seen here. You can cross over the road and that was where my photo was taken. Unfortunately you can’t get access to the river there. The river runs from here across to the Black Country New Road and past the pools that used to be referred to as the Back of Browns. Not far from the statue of Sleipnir, the 8 legged horse. Incidentally, our warrior princess, Ethelfreda and her knights would have been fighting the Vikings so why didn’t we get a statue of Ethelfreda’s horse and not a bloody Viking horse? That’s another Wednesbury mystery…

Anyway, when I was a kid… They said they found a world war two weapons dump near those pools at the back o’ Browns.  So there was historical treasure there. We went down Potter’s Lane and across the fields to have a look, but we didn’t have a metal detector, so came back with lots of nettle stings, but no treasure…

Anyway, carry on past back o’ Browns and you come to the old railway track eventually. There are lots of horses grazing around there. You can gain access from the Black Country road, near the 8 legged hoss. You can also gain access from Bagnall Street where the level crossing used to be and walk down the old railway track. You’ll be on the right track anyway!

1 railway track 2

The river goes underground through a culvert here, but wander down this railway track with your metal detector and who knows what you might find. I’ve been told metal detectors go crazy near railway tracks…

You also have the canal near by so you might find Victorian or Edwardian treasure too. So there you have it, you can search for medieval treasure dropped by passing knights following the river. You can also check out the canal banks for anything dropped by the 18th century canal traders. You can walk down to the pools and look for world war two arms dumps or just search the side of the track for discarded British Rail sandwiches.

Please comment if you own a metal detector. You can also follow me on Twitter.

3 responses

  1. I don’t have a metal detector, can I still comment?

    My first choice is the top photo. Wow, that really does look like a fairy land. That may be my #2 favouritve photo of yours even. The weeping willow and the blooming tree show signs of spring (which we aren’t yet seeing where I live!). I also like the balance of those trees being on each side of the path. I bet this photo inspires some rambles!

    The railway photo is also lovely, though that seems to be taken in autumn. Did you edit it or perhaps did you take it a while ago?

    3, April 2014 at 12:17 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      That photo was taken into the sun. I went back and took another one with the sun shining on this side of the trees this week. It’s a lot nicer. There is no access to the river there, but we managed photos of the bridge. The railway line was a couple of months ago, so a winter picture. It was quite dull that day, but we intend to go back another day. The leaves are coming on the trees and some early blossom on some trees so everything will change now. the millions of flowers down the river will be interesting this year. It will be my first time photographing them with a DSLR.

      3, April 2014 at 4:39 pm

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