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Thrifty Thursday: Bluetooth earphones

Today’s special buys at Aldi includes some bluetooth earphone, which would be good for listening to music or using you phone hands free. They are 29.99 and the other special buys are mostly items to do with running, food and gardening.

The Aldi super six this week are red onions (1kg), garlic (4), celery, lemons (3), carrots (1Kg) and little gem lettuce (2). They are all 59p each and the offers run from today until the 9th of April.

Meat offers

There are now super-six meat offers too, that includes pork, chicken and pork sausages.I saw the sausages yesterday and they looked nice. The sausages are 1.49 a pack. I can only have gluten free unfortunately, but they would be great with baked potatoes.

Sunday special buys

The special buys on Sunday are good for decorators and there is also food and wine with a distinctly French flavour.

Ham and prawns

I bought ‘ham trimmings’ in Aldi yesterday, which weren’t trimmings but slices of ham. The price has dropped from 1.75 to 1.65 and you get enough for a few meals. I compared the cold water prawns with the price at Farmfoods. They are a different size pack, but Aldi work out cheaper. They are also cheaper than the Asda ones, but not cheaper than the Asda smart price one that come with a ‘protective ice glaze’. That reminds me of those pubs where you ask for a Coke and it’s 70% ice…


It’s Easter on the 20th of April and many people will be shopping for Easter eggs etc. Poundland have Easter eggs and other Easter goodies. Prices and quality can vary from store to store at Easter. Shops around for the best value in your area. Aldi and Lidl come out quite good on price and quality. Poundland tends to discount well known brands.

Tesco are doing Easter eggs, 3 for £10. They should really be encouraging people to have fewer children not more… Why are so many thing 3 for £10 at Asda and Tesco? It’s discrimination against one child families…

I live in the Midlands and we have a pollution warning this week. I grew up in a polluted atmosphere when we had lots of industry, so I’m used to the problems. If you are in an area that is polluted this week, avoid strenuous exercise. Some symptoms that you might experience are stuffy nose, tightness in the chest or even chest pains, irritable eyes or a cough. Try to avoid exercise and walking along busy roads where you’re exposed to lots of diesel fumes. I don’t know why people have been encouraged to buy diesel cars, the soot from them chokes me.

Have a good week bargain hunting and you can use the comments box to share your ideas. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.


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