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The Review: Setting up a blog

1 1 Holloway Bank

The Black Country isn’t the prettiest place to live or take photographs, but I manage and get a lot of interest in my photography. So if you’re blogging adding pictures to your words, can get the message to your readers across a lot more effectively and you don’t really need fancy equipment for online photographs.

Setting up a blog on WordPress isn’t too hard, you do have to take your time and figure out how to use the dashboard and all the little technicalities. You need to decide who you are writing for too. Your blog could be like a business card, telling people about you and your organisation. It could have a specific genre, like local history, photography or gardening. It seems that targeting local readers is more effective than trying to write for everyone. Subjects like gardening will have general appeal but if it’s targeted on your locality you might get advertising from local garden centres if you have your blog hosted as an independent site. Anyway, I write on a variety of subjects and wrote a few posts this week:

Finance Friday: Compound Interest was over on a Zillion Ideas and attempted to explain compound interest and percentages to readers. If interest is compounded or dividends reinvested, savings and investments accumulate a lot quicker.

Thrifty Thursday: Bluetooth earphones was my thrifty post. We have to try to save a few quid so we can afford a few luxuries. I won’t be having those earphones, I’m saving for a telephoto  lens for my camera.

Photography: Foolish phone photos was my post over on a Zillion Ideas on Tuesday; which was also April Fools Day. 

Photography: images to treasure was here on WordPress. No one got my joke about metal detector going crazy near railway lines. Railways lines are metal… Oh, never mind…

Psychology: Interacting with the world was Monday’s psychology post. Bloggers need to interact with the world and people in their own community.

Experts and education was my Sunday ramble.  I shall be rambling again tomorrow. I was hoping to take photos, but the weather forecast doesn’t look so good. I did take some interesting photos on Tuesday when the sun came out, so I can use those for my photography posts this week.

Blogging is becoming more popular and companies now have company blogs, health trusts and councils have chief executive blogs. These can be a good idea, but there are also pitfalls because they interact with the public who can be unforgiving of mistakes. You also need to publicise the blog post through other mediums like social networks. If you are the head of a big organisation, it might be better to ask a experienced blogger to write your posts or at least employ an editor to edit the posts. You might even get a volunteer to do it for free. Volunteers often volunteer so they will meet people though and blogging is usually a solitary pursuit. Finally, try to think of a good name for your blog. It could include you own name or a name like a Zillion Ideas that a few writers can contribute to. You could gain some experience by contributing to a Zillion Ideas. I’m always interested in guest posts. You can subscribe to this blog too or follow me on twitter.



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