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Here in the Black Country we have traditions and one of those traditions is to take no notice of strange behaviour. We’re all a bit weird. There are many races and many cultures and the politically correct people call it a multi-cultural community. There has always been a diversity.

We’re had the Romans come here, the Vikings and a Norman invasion. More recently people have come here to work and live from Ireland, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. The Vikings weren’t very popular, we sent them packing. My point is, we’re all different and we’re all a bit weird and so we try to be tolerant.

My Facebook friends are all different nationalities and all have differing views. I try not to take sides. This weekend the emphasis has been on animal welfare. The Grand National sparked all that off. I thought it went quite well. I am old enough and wise enough to remember when horses fell and broke legs and were shot at the side of the course to put them out of their misery. It’s much better now, we have become a more responsible and caring society. There were rumblings about the badger cull on Facebook again too. I support a cull if it cuts disease, but it should be humane and civilised.

There was also a picture of the Princess Royal in a fur hat. Bad people wear fur! I wear leather shoes so I must be bad too. That reminded me of the Bhopal disaster. That was horrible, that was a real disaster. That reminded us that there is a price to pay for polyester. The price is far higher than that of a fur hat. I was also reminded of a less famous disaster in Russia. I can’t remember the place name, but the people relied on the river and the lake for food and water until it was polluted by fertiliser from cotton farming up river. Yes, there is even a price to pay for cotton. We don’t have to pay it though do we? Should we care about the people who do or should we save all our caring and empathy for badgers and dogs in Thailand. They are making golf gloves from the skin of dog’s testicles in Thailand according to a report on Facebook this morning.

They have made a film about the Bhopal disaster called the Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain. I was hoping it would rain this week to get rid of all that pollution hanging over the Black Country. It gave me a stuffed up nose and a bit of bronchitis. I’m old enough to remember proper bronchitis though in the 50’s and 60’s. We were just paying the price of diesel engines and European industry. Someone always pays the price, I suppose it was our turn this week. I didn’t pray for rain though.

I’m sure some of my Facebook friends pray for all sort of things. They post religious messages all the time and then there are the ones who believe in Atheism. Yes, they post too. This morning it was something about the Queen and the Pope. A lot of people are Royalists and others think that are scrounging scum on state benefits. I try not to take sides. It’s the old Roundheads or Cavaliers divide in a modern setting.

Some of my Facebook friends are gay. I’m in dangerous territory now… Whatever…

My Facebook friends are all different. They are all different nationalities and they speak different languages. You can’t understand the ones who speak English, because they come from the Black Country. Does it matter?

Also on Facebook this morning was the news that the 5 a day fruit and veg campaign is to become 7 a day. What planet do they live on? People can’t afford 5 a day. A family with 2 kids needs to eat 20 portions a day, or 600 a month. They essentially need to spend more on fruit and veg than on gas and electricity. They could make golf gloves out of some of these ideas in Thailand…

One of my friends is on holiday in Tenerife. Someone asked if she was English. She said yes and he then asked where she was from. England… That’s a proper Black Country answer…

You do get politics on Facebook too. The Lib Dems telling us what a wonderful job they have done as part of the coalition in government. You get a lot of humour on Facebook…

I also get the ‘news’ on Facebook. The Guardian has a picture of Prince Whatsisname and a story about some names going out of fashion like Reginald, Cyril and Blodwen. Other names going out of fashion are Gwendoline, Edna and even Percy. I think Percy is a good name for royal babies. It’s different and its an alliteration if they are called Prince Percy. It has a ring to it. Don’t you think?

Anyway, this article will be linked to Facebook and even to a local news site. Will I lose a few Facebook friends? Probably not… Some of them think I’m different, but they are all tolerant of that and tolerance is a sure sign of responsibility and sophistication. They might have different views, but they care about things. They care about doggies, horses, badgers and they say their prayers for dog’s testicles in Thailand…

Please comment, especially if you have weird Facebook friends too. You can also follow this blog or follow me on Twitter.


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