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Thrifty Thursday: Easter bargains

The Aldi super-six this week includes salad potatoes (1Kg), chantenay carrots (500g), cherry tomatoes (300g), leeks (500g), parsnips (750g) and cauliflower. They are all 49p each. I was told yesterday that there is a £5 coupon in the Sun newspaper for Aldi. I don’t like coupons and I really don’t like the Sun…

Today’s special buys include lots of things for cooking. There is perfect shake seasoning; I use the Chinese five spice, add that to a stir fry for a better taste. There are kid’s scooters for 24.99 too

The Sunday special buys has garden furniture and things for the garden. I shall be planting my runner bean seeds later today. I hope they have some potting compost next time I go to Aldi.

The special buys on Monday include a turkey crown, beef and pork joints, etc. They are quite good value if you fancy a joint for Easter. I shall be busy going out taking photos over Easter so I could buy a chicken and cook that to last me through Easter. I like cold chicken enough to eat it for days on end!

The Easter range at Aldi is worth looking at too. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be buying Easter eggs, but those looked nice in my local Aldi

Matalan always has a sale, but now the seasons are changing they seem to have more in the sale. I need to go there for more bed linen.

Food waste has been in the news again. So has competition between supermarkets with Aldi and Lidl taking more market share. Asda are going to respond by opening more stores in the prosperous south of the UK. Morrison’s have been hardest hit by the competition. It seems that food prices have become more stable and aren’t going up as fast as they were. It’s time the big supermarkets thought more about people who live alone and don’t want 3 chickens for £10  or whatever. They need to cater more for single people. Forget the buy one get one free too, we have an obesity epidemic in the UK. We need responsible marketing from the big four supermarkets or they will continue to lose market share. 

I bought my runner bean seed from B&Q and they were 1.98 a packet. You sow them now and through until the end of June. I think where I live you need to keep them warm to germinate and it’s too cold outside, so I’ll put them in trays; then into my mini greenhouse in a May and then plant the out when it’s a little milder. The weather forecast is for a 3 month heat wave!

Have you seen a good bargain? Please share your finds in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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