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The Review: heritage

1 Manor House

Britain has a diverse heritage. We have culture, a industrial history, a history of commerce and of incredible architecture. This wealth is passed down from one generation to the next. Except that not everyone shared in that inherited wealth.

Most of the current coalition government shared in that wealth and George Osborne is telling the IMF how his policies are pulling Britain out of recession. Many people aren’t yet feeling the benefit of his ‘economic miracle’ they have had their benefits stopped and the food bank doesn’t have enough food for everyone. It is inequality that is the problem; Britain is still a rich country, but the riches are held by a minority.

Investments: Supply and demand was my article yesterday. I didn’t have a good week investing on the stock exchange. I was told that I was lucky though. I have a roof over my head, fuel to keep warm, food to eat and the luxury of a car. I am lucky. If I win the lottery tonight, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the money. I’ll think of something…

Thrifty Thursday: Easter bargains was Thursday’s thrifty post. We have to be thrifty and save a few quid. Lots of pensioners on a good private pension will now be taking a lump sum and paying off their mortgages. That will lead to economic growth, because they can than afford to buy a nice flat or bungalow somewhere nice. That will leave some large houses vacant in London, just what George needs to house his rich pals.

Photography: April showers was my first photography post on Tuesday. I have to keep dodging the rain showers to take some photos, but the forecast is better for this weekend and I’m hopeful that Easter will be nice too. Today’s picture is of West Bromwich Manor House. They will have a St George’s Day parade near there next weekend and the Manor house is welcoming visitors on Saturday.

Photography: Different directions was my other post on Tuesday. The direction that you point your camera is important. I hope to be pointing mine at some narrow-boats on the canal over Easter too.

Psychology: Perceptions of competence was my Monday psychology post. Don’t you think it’s strange how people can work as traders in the City of London earning million pound bonuses, then at the weekend they have to employ other people to do simple things like putting up a shelf or mowing the lawn? I understand many of them have difficulty boiling an egg or making their own coffee…

Experts and education was my amusing Sunday ramble. I often wonder if people get the jokes, but you can’t worry about those readers who have no sense of humour. I have no idea what I’ll write about tomorrow, but my Sunday posts are always the best ones of the week.  My advice to all bloggers is to at least write one post a week where you write what you want to write on a take it or leave it basis. Writing what you want can be offensive to some people, but at least it’s honest. We all have some prejudices and not everyone agrees with all our views. I don’t go out of my way to offend people. I like people, well most of them anyway. I don’t like bullies and aggression. Russia has threatened to cut gas supplies to Europe this week and has increased the price to Ukraine. That is bullying.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my usual Sunday ramble before I cook lunch. I’ll be out taking photos in the afternoon as usual. This is the life…

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