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The Sunday Ramble: Creativity

1 Geese flying over lake

My photo today is a good one of flying geese. I like the background colours too. The sun came out a little and although it was a cloudy sky, it gave quite good light. I like the Spring colours. Many photographers would wait for hours for a shot like this. I just pointed my camera and got lucky. There might have been a little skill…


I saw the geese flying around a little and so set my camera on a fairly fast speed and when they did their fly past, I took about 10 shots. There was a reasonable chance that one would be good. That’s what creativity is about, some skill and the willingness to take a chance.

In writing; creativity is often like fishing, looking in the deep recesses of your mind for the right word, the right idea or the right phrase and hoping to get lucky. Often it’s the combination of luck and skill that has come from respectively honing a particular skill. I’ve written nearly 1,000 blog posts on WordPress now, so maybe the repetition is paying off. I don’t need to be quite so lucky as I used to be.

Calculated risks

Creativity is killed when you take out the element of risk. I’ve been watching the stock market this week and it hasn’t been pretty. I try to be creative, even in my investing, taking calculated risks rather than playing it safe. Trying to combine some skill, with risk and hoping to get lucky. I have been doing quite well, but I wasn’t so lucky this week.


Art too, is about taking a risk and being quite Avant Garde. Damien Hirst takes risk and cuts animals in half and pickles them in formaldehyde. He uses light boxes and Perspex. He takes risks and has been quite successful as an artist. I like some of his work and dislike other works; especially the pickled animals. At least he tries to be adventurous. He doesn’t do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. We do tend to be overly critical when people take a risk and it doesn’t work out. We are too critical of failure. If you don’t fail, how do you learn?


I like classical music, but I listen to popular music too. I admire the ability of real musicians to create. From Beethoven to the Beatles, I can listen and be amazed. They use their skills to combine lots of different influences,  but they must take a chance too. They try different things hoping to get lucky. You need inspiration too. Why did the music industry explode with creativity in the 1920’s and then again in the 1960’s? When will the next music revolution come? I think it will come when people have the freedom to take more risks. When it’s less controlled and manufactured. I’ve heard some new sounds in the past few weeks; lets hope the creativity doesn’t get stifled by people who like to play safe.


I watched Casualty as usual last night. I wonder if the script writers have gone on a Easter break and they have some amateur filling in while they’re away? The actors who are usually really good, seemed to struggle with really poor story lines. There was too much flitting about from one character to another. Many of the characters seemed unprofessional.

The Guess List

What can I say about the Guess List with Rob Brydon. It was sort of Blankety Blank regurgitated. It was unadulterated BBC crap… It was bleeding awful…


I’m feeling a little more creative now. I went into the deep recesses of my mind this morning looking for literary devices like allegory and metaphors when some students asked for my advice. I knew the words I wanted, but my brain came up empty… I should have known better than try anything creative that early in the morning. I need at least breakfast, two cups of tea and mid morning biscuits inside me, before I find a spark of creativity.

Oh well, at least I take a few risks… Do you have a creative urge? Please share it in the comments box. You can also subscribe to this blog and have regular emails sent to you. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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