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Photography: Black Country canals

1 narrowboat on canal

There’s a narrow-boat gathering and a beer festival next weekend so I was on the canal on Sunday, getting in some practice. Here you can see the narrow-boat has just come out of the lock near the weighing station. 

Boat in lock

Then it went into the next lock. The water is let out and the narrow-boat lowers to the level of the canal and is able to leave the lock.

Boat on the Birmingham canal

The canal here is wide and has moorings. There are 2 branches of the Birmingham canal that run through Tipton in the general direction of Birmingham. 

1 messing about in boats

There are two branches of the Birmingham canal near Tipton town. I think the Easter  canal gathering will be in this one. I might be able to get some better pictures with more boats. There is a beer festival too, but I’ll be driving!

1 fishin down cut

I took a few photos with my camera set on sepia and so I tried some artistic edits. These canals were cut by hand in the 18th century and so they are still referred to as the cut by many people in the Black Country.

1 Pylons

In this picture you can see the pylons along the side of the canal carrying power lines. Notice the cradle up on that pylon, they are working to change the cables. That job is almost as momentous as building the canals.

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3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Love the sunny pictures! The canal is so beautiful, especially in the spring. My favourite photo though is the one with the sepia editing. As much as I love the sunshine and colour of the other photos, the editing truly transported the canal photo back in time!

    17, April 2014 at 1:12 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I put these on Facebook and they didn’t seem very popular. The light keeps changing now; it’s too bright some times. I have seen that a local charity has a project to record the history of the river and that will look nice soon so I might get involved in that. The sepia setting on the camera is a little dark but it’s easy to make it lighter in editing. I hope to photograph some interesting stuff over Easter. There is a St George’s Day parade and a narrow-boat meeting!

      17, April 2014 at 1:50 pm

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