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Thrifty Thursday: Easter bank holiday

Before the recession hit the UK, many people were spending money on credit cards and not really considering what might happen in the future.

There was a belief that their assets in the form of the house they lived in would keep on appreciating in value and the banks would keep on lending money again that asset. People have found that those debts have to be repaid and that banks aren’t bottomless pits of money. We have all been forced to become more thrifty.

The discount supermarkets have grabbed more and more market share as people shop around and turn their backs on the big four supermarkets. Aldi leads the way now as the preferred budget supermarket. They don’t have fancy stores or a great selection, they compete on fast service and price.

The Aldi super-six this week includes salad potatoes (1Kg), chantenay carrots (500g), cherry tomatoes (300g), leeks (500g), parsnips (750g) and cauliflower. They are all 49p each. That’s the same as last week and that offer lasts until next Wednesday the 24th of April.

Today’s special buys include lots of things for fishing and the outdoors. The hot lunch pot is good for 3.99. You could use that to take a hot lunch to work with you and that would save you buying a meal. That’s frugal and makes a change from sandwiches. There’s even an hearing aid for 12.99 this week…

The Monday special buys include a TV with built in DVD for 119.99.  They will be closed on Easter Sunday of course. There is lots of things for gardening including this weeder.  I want the hand tools too. They look good value for just 1.99 for 6 tools.

Over at Tesco they are trying to entice customers in with a few half price offers and a spend £20 and get £5 off your next £40 shop offer. The hot cross buns are £1 for 6 or 2 packs for £1.50. Tesco needs to be more responsible and get rid of all these buy 2 and save offers. It encourages obesity and food waste. There are poor people queuing at the food banks in the UK now and Tesco encourages waste. The hot cross buns are cheaper in Aldi anyway…

Asda too has multi-saves and rollbacks. You can get 2 packs of bacon for £4. I had 2 packs from Aldi for 2.75.  Tins of plum tomatoes are 37p of 3 for £1. They are 31p each in Aldi.  To be fair to Asda they do have more choice. I have a few things from there. Their tissues are better too.

I’m not too excited by Matalan’s sale. I like the parka, but it’s only in small; not my size. It’s worth looking around their website though.

You might want to do some gardening or decorating over the Easter break. Check out the B&Q website for most things you need.  I had my runner bean seeds from there. Remember that over 60’s can get a discount on Wednesday’s with the Diamond Card.

Don’t forget the markets and car boots sales over Easter; they are a great places to find bargains. Only buy it if you really need it though!

Have you spotted a bargain? Please share your finds with us in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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