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The Review: Easter

1 Goose at Loxdale Sidings

Easter means different things to different people these days. To many the religious significance is still important, but to others religion is in disrepute. The Prime Minister claiming divine guidance hasn’t helped.

It’s an excuse for many people to stuff themselves with chocolate eggs and has little more significance than that. It’s St George’s Day on Wednesday and to celebrate that there will be the biggest parade in the country in Stone Cross, West Bromwich. I could got to that on Sunday, but I’m not really into flag waving events. I didn’t bother with the Jubilee or turn out to watch the Olympic flame go by and I won’t cheer for England when the world cup is on. I will make visitors to this country welcome when I can though; I’m polite like that, it’s an English thing…

Investments: Easter was my Good Friday post over on a Zillion Ideas. I had a better week this week on the stock exchange. I didn’t lose money!

Thrifty Thursday: Easter bank holiday was my thrifty Thursday post, we still have to save money even at Easter. There are activities at West Bromwich Manor House today until about 3pm. That will be a cheap day out…

Quintessentially English was my post on Wednesday. Having a day out is quintessentially English isn’t it? We have  a few places to go in the Black Country.  There is Dudley zoo and the Black Country Museum, Sandwell Valley Country Park and lots of Local Nature Reserves where you can have a Spring picnic.

Photography: the canals was my first photography post on Tuesday. It’s interesting to have a day out taking photographs and I will be doing that this weekend. There is a narrow-boat gathering that should provide more interesting shots.

Photography: Black Country canals had even more photos of narrow-boats and canals. Narrow-boats and ships make good subjects, but I also like to take photos of buildings and vehicles.

Psychology: shame was Monday’s post. Not everyone seems to feel ashamed when they do things wrong do they? Many people feel awful when the  feeling of shame makes them want to hide from the world and crawl under a rock. It’s an interesting emotion to think about.

The Sunday Ramble: Creativity was about all those things that go through my head on a Sunday morning. I have about 750 subscribers to this blog now and most of them are writers and photographers all trying to do something creative and different.

I shall be writing another ramble tomorrow. People around the world read and so I write. The internet has made the world smaller. This morning I wished my friend in Sydney, Australia happy birthday, chatted on Skype to California and then to students in China. It makes life more interesting and could stop me going senile…

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