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Thrifty Thursday: Spring bargains

The Aldi super six this week are cucumber, mixed chillies (65g), limes (3), beetroot (500g), garlic (500g) and tomatoes (6). They are all 39p each. I went yesterday and they still had last week’s super six, so I had a cauliflower, salad potatoes and some parsnips. I also bought garden tools for 1.99 each.

The super six meat offers includes gluten free sausages. I’ll watch out for those. I did have some gluten free bread last week, which was expensive, but it made a change.

Today’s special buys are mostly things for babies. The prices seem good though and all those things you need for babies are usually expensive.

The Sunday special buys are mostly gardening things including a walk-in greenhouse for 29.99 and a lawnmower for 59.99. I like those lawnmowers with wheels on, hover mowers don’t always hover.

I have a new cover for my mini greenhouse ready to put my runner beans in. The runner bean seeds have germinated and are six inches high today. I have them on a windowsill, but they can go in the mini greenhouse to harden off a little in a few days time. I want to try to document and photograph how well I do with the runner beans this year. I think they taste so much better than the ones in the shops, but do we save money by growing our own?

Some people have no choice, but to shop at the bigger supermarkets with their buy one get one free and 3 for £10 offers that are so annoying. If you do have to shop at Asda, check out their offers first.

The same applies to Tesco, but they do have some better offers like Mr Kipling bramly apple pies 6 for £1.00.

Last week I picked up some fruit and vegetables at a small greengrocers near the market. They have to compete with the prices on the market so they were good. Their seedless grapes were cheaper than in Aldi, but they didn’t last as long. I think a lot of fruit in supermarkets has been sprayed to make them last longer. Which is healthier though? Check out local markets and small shops for bargains too.

Have you seen a bargain this week? Please use the comments box to share your find. You can also follow me on Twitter as always.


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