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The review: A nice little war?

As we live in our own little worlds we tend to forget what’s happening in the wider world. For as long as I can  remember, the forces of capitalism and communism have fought it out; usually in someone else’s country.

They haven’t learnt any lessons and now the conflict is centred on Ukraine. Do we really want a nice little war for the capitalists to make money from? Who gains anything? The world is in recession. Lehman Brothers collapse was blamed, Gordon Brown was blamed, but surely spending obscene amounts of money on wars has something to do with government debt? Russia and the West have used massive resources to try to take over Afghanistan. Has it made any real difference? If both sides stopped selling them guns and stopped buying their drugs it would make a difference. Do we really need a nice little war in Ukraine so they can play at soldiers?

Finance Friday: Making money was my Friday post and it was predictably popular. We ordinary people need to make money to keep a roof over our heads and put food on the table. The power crazy people want war, we want peace and quiet.

Thrifty Thursday: Spring bargains was Thursday’s effort. We have to shop around and save money. The German supermarkets Aldi and Lidl are popular because they discount. Where I live, the price of many things is much cheaper in Aldi. It’s not just food, but other essential  products like shampoo and shower gel.

Winning the lottery was Wednesday’s post. I didn’t win but I’m not too bothered. I have most of the things I need and there are things that money can’t buy. When there are people in the world going hungry, we have to be grateful for what we have.

Photography: Changing weather was my first photography  post on Tuesday and featured some photographs of the inside of our Victorian art gallery.

Photography: Changing seasons and light was on the same theme and featured some interesting Spring landscapes. I’ve order a monopod this week to help me keep the camera still. I’ll be experimenting with that and writing about it too.

Easter Sunday reflections was a popular post and featured some nice photos too.  I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow. I have no idea what that will be about. Maybe about my new monopod, it has just been delivered!

For the benefit of other bloggers who follow this blog. A  Saturday review with ‘internal’ links is quite a good idea. Links from one post to another can increase page views by 100% or more. It helps readers navigate the blog more easily too.

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