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Photography: More spring photos

1 Geese flying over lake

This is probably my best shot this month. I think I’ll call them Maverick and Goose. You have to be a Top Gun fan to understand that joke! I like the colours, they are the colours of early spring. I also got the action by using the sports setting on my camera and shooting lots of shots to get this one. The focus should be set on continuous too.

I like the blue steel colour of the water too. The colour of the water changes dependent on the colour of the sky. That day there was white cloud, which gives quite good light. Dark clouds aren’t so good and no cloud can give a harsh light and make the water deep blue. On a clear day, the last hour before sunset is often the best.

1 Manor House in Spring

There are a lot of trees covered in blossom in spring and spring flowers like daffodils. I have seen the bluebells just starting to flower too. The display of flowers along the river is usually in May or June. I think it’s about to begin, so I’ll be photographing the river. I know the best places to take the shots now. I have a new monopod to keep the camera steady and this will be my first year with a DSLR too. The photos should be even better than last year!

1 daffodils

You can take quite close up pictures of some of the more spectacular flowers. These have been planted right on the water’s edge. They survived people trampling them down better than the rest.

45 bus

The light can be poor, but then you can turn your attention to vehicles and buildings. My friend in China liked this photo of a bus.

Chinese supermarket

Finally, a picture taken by one of my Chinese friends. I think it was taken with a phone.

What do you think of this week’s pictures? You can share you thoughts in the comments box. I have another article about pods on a Zillion Ideas today. You need to keep your camera still for many shots and a tripod is useful, but how about a mount that uses suction to stick to the top of your car or a monopod that converts into a stick for walking or climbing? Check out my post on a Zillion Ideas for details and pictures.

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3 responses

  1. Hi MIke, I like your Top Gun shot! Getting those geese in flight is brilliant. I also like the steel grey colours of the sky and water of that photo.

    Very cool seeing a picture from China too!

    30, April 2014 at 8:02 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I think the geese was one of my best pictures. The light didn’t seem that good, but the white sky reflected well. That was on the sports setting, with continuous shooting. I thought the Maverick and Goose comment appropriate! 🙂

    30, April 2014 at 11:19 pm

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