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Thrifty Thursday: In the garden?

The Aldi super six this week are cucumber, mixed chillies (65g), limes (3), beetroot (500g), garlic (500g) and tomatoes (6). They are all 39p each. They are on until the 7th of May. I went to Lidl this week too, it’s not quite as good as Aldi.

Lidl have garden things like a sun  lounger on offer today. They have garden tools too. I had a bag of peat free compost. It wasn’t very well rotted and it seemed a bit too wet. It was cheap, but I was paying mostly for water. Take a look around their website and enter your post code, because offers vary from store to store.

The Aldi super six meat offers are worth checking out too. I had some chicken from Lidl, I think some comes from the same farms as Aldi. The price is about the same too. They only had medium size chickens in Lidl, Aldi usually has small and medium.

Today’s special buys at Aldi includes a 6 piece garden furniture set for 49.99. I need one of those, but I don’t think I’ll buy one.

The Sunday special buys are all for cyclists. The cycling helmet is good for 9.99.

Matalan is quite good for clothes and home-ware and always have a sale on. If you want gloves and scarves for next winter, it’s worth looking at their sale. I think I have enough clothes for summer, but I might pop into Matalan if I’m passing.

I save a little money by shopping around. A lot of people have been switching from the big four supermarkets to the discount supermarkets. What we save can be squirrelled away and invested. I still have money in Zopa earning around 4% over 3 years. They have Rapid Return so I can get my money back reasonably quickly. The stock market is also an option. I have been doing terrible just lately, but I still make more than putting the money in the bank. I’m having a better week this week, so maybe the tide is turning!

Despite dabbling in the high finance world of the stock market, I still try to grow veggies in the garden. I’m digging trenches to fill with compost and will plant some runner beans out soon. They’re doing well, about a foot tall just growing them on a windowsill.  Poundland has lots of cheap things for gardeners, so I might take a look in there. They also do drops for nasal congestion – the pollen is starting to get to me!

Do you have any money saving tips? Please share them in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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