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The review: We are yamyams!

1 runner beans

The weather forecast for this Bank Holiday weekend is good. I’m hoping to get out in the garden today and finish my runner bean trench. Gardening is popular in the Black Country. I’ll also be out taking photographs, watch out for me!

Someone insulted Lenny Henry this week, they said he came from Birmingham. Nah, he’s a yamyam from Dudley!

Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble for using an insulting word. He used the n-word mumbled incoherently. I think it’s rich of his accusers to complain. Profanity is a daily occurrence on the BBC. The f-word is offensive to many women, at least the ones who know what it means, but it’s used more and more. In this multi-racial society of ours we are not allowed to insult racial minorities, but women are consigned to second class citizen status.

Jeremy Paxman has also been in hot water for criticising the BBC. He earns close on a million quid a year, he probably thinks he is important enough to do and say what he likes. Just like Jimmy Savile, Max Clifford, Jeremy Clarkson, Boris Johnson and the entire membership of the Tory party.

Finance Friday: Investing for the future was yesterday’s post. I don’t make as much writing as Clarkson does writing for the Times or Boris on his quarter of a million a year, but I have my moments.

Thrifty Thursday: In the garden? was a post for people who are trying to save a few quid. Jeremy and Boris need not read that, nor will the entire membership of the Tory party…

Photography: Camera pods was my first photography post on Tuesday. If you want clear pictures without blurring try to hold the camera still.

Photography: More spring photos was my other photography post. That featured some nice photos and even one from China this week.

Psychology: give and take was Monday’s psychology post.  Give and take isn’t just about compromise, it’s about being less judgemental and more understanding.

The Sunday Ramble: A Strange Malady was my outpouring of thoughts on Sunday morning.  I would like to make it clear that in that post I wasn’t referring to Peaches Geldof, but it would seem she was a victim of a destructive life style and subculture.  I feel deeply sorry for her children.

Those were my posts this week. I’ll be back tomorrow rambling on about something or other. It was a good week for me and the government. On Thursday shares in Lloyds Banking Group went up nicely which is good news because the government owns lots that it would like to sell. Hopefully they won’t dump them and drive the share price down again. It seems Lloyds will be launching a IPO for the TSB soon, hopefully it will offer shares to existing shareholders rather than let hedge funds have them on the cheap. No mates rates please… Royal Bank of Scotland shares went up over 8% yesterday too, having posted first quarter profits of close on 1.5 billion. Imagine how much these banks could make in an economy with lots of growth like China… Imagine how much profit they would make if they were run efficiently like Amazon rather than having thousands of branches and a hundred thousand employees? Imagine the profits if interest rates weren’t held at rock bottom by a dodgy government. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

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