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Thrifty Thursday: Supermarket price war?

The Aldi super-six this week are baby plum tomatoes (250g), baby corn (135g), salad potatoes (1Kg), rhubarb (400g), fun-size pears (8) and chestnut mushrooms (250g).   They are all 69p each.  I’ll have the salad potatoes… That offer runs until the 21st of May. The new offers will start on Thursday, 22nd of May.


The super-six meat offers this week includes British butchers select sausages.

Special Buys

The themes for today’s special buys are gardening and cooking. The top offer is a gazebo at 59.99. I thought about having one of those. The description could be better.

The top offer in the Sunday special buys is a deckless bluetooth car stereo for 34.99. I need one of those. If it was easy to fit I would have one…  There’s also a car polisher for 14.99, but I would prefer a cordless one. I shall definitely have a couple of bottles of Dandelion and Burdock (49p)!


At Tesco they have a nice selection of Mr Kipling cakes for just a £1 each. The bramley apple pies are nice…


They have an even bigger selection at Sainsbury’s and a very similar offer. 


Asda had virtually the same offer on Mr Kipling cakes too. Who knew!

The big supermarkets are trying to compete with the discounters, Aldi and Lidl but are also facing competition from Poundland and other stores. It seems they might have to limit choice a little and add new services like in-store banking to make their retail operations more efficient. I understand Morrison’s are expanding into the south of England and Asda might introduce in store banking. Barclay’s Bank is cutting jobs and reorganising and so we could see mini Barclay’s banks popping up in our supermarkets. We do most of our banking online or at ATM’s so that could be the way forward. They won’t need an army of staff to sell payment protection insurance in the future will they?

There is talk of a supermarket price war. Will someone drop the price of Mr Kipling cakes to 99p?

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