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The Review: The Vine, Darlaston

1 The Vine

I have been trying to photograph local events recently and publicise them, but I also wanted to publicise local businesses. The more people spend money in the local community, the more it will thrive. I passed by The Vine pub in Darlaston and decided to stop and photograph it on the way back.

There are so many pubs closing now that used to be at the heart of the community. This pub is a traditional pub serving traditional cask conditioned Banks’s ale and the landlord came out and invited us in for a drink. It’s a nice atmosphere inside and the Banks’s mild was well kept and just about perfect.

I think there might be a family fun day in Darlaston today, but I haven’t been able to find the details. I’ll go to photograph that if the weather improves.

Finance Friday: the only way is up was yesterday’s post about the economy and finance. I think we have hit bottom, but the economy is beginning to improve. Is it George Osborne’s doing? Nah, you don’t make Mr Kipling apple pies or Jaguar engines out of hot air….  You don’t make them sitting at a computer screen in the City of London either contrary to what David Cameron thinks…

Thrifty Thursday: Supermarket price war? was Thursday’s thrifty post because here in the real world, incomes have dropped and life is tough. We have to save a few quid on our shopping and so many people are going to Aldi rather than Asda, Tesco or Morrison’s.

Advice to the young was my Wednesday post. Young people do ask for my advice, they rarely take it though!

Photography: Boer war battle was one of my photography posts on Tuesday. That featured the colour photos that I took of a Boer War battle re-enactment at West Bromwich Manor House Museum. It was cloudy that day and some of the other photos were a little dark. That is why editing is quite important.

Neodigital Art: editing in sepia was another attempt to promote Neodigital art. People like it! I think it’s better than the suitcases hanging from the ceiling in Walsall Art gallery, pickled sheep or 18th century ‘selfies’. People can identify with those pictures, because they are local and my overseas readers get some alternative ideas about art. I’ll get some of my images in the art gallery yet!

Bank Holiday weekend was my Monday post because it was a Bank Holiday. There are more photos from the weekend in that post and more from the Boer war battle re-enactment.

The Sunday Ramble: Thoughts of time was my post on Sunday. I shall share my thoughts with you again tomorrow. I’ll probably moan about the weather. It doesn’t look good for the weekend. I still don’t know if the family fun day is on in Darlo… I think there is an event tomorrow at West Bromwich Oak House too, That could be spoiled by bad weather, but everyone can go inside… 

I’ll be back tomorrow with more rambling. This is my 1001st post on WordPress. How about that? Please share your thoughts as usual in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. Watch out for my posts on the Yamyam too.


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