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Thrifty Thursday: spring barbecue?

The Aldi super-six this week are baby plum tomatoes (250g), baby corn (135g), salad potatoes (1Kg), rhubarb (400g), fun-size pears (8) and chestnut mushrooms (250g).   They are all 69p each. That offer runs until the 21st of May. The new offers will start on Thursday, 22nd of May.

This weeks super-six meat offers includes minced beef and sausages. The mince is ideal for making your own shepherd’s pie and the sausages are great with baked potatoes or cooked on the barbecue. We’re all thinking about barbecues now the weather is improving.

Today’s special buys includes laptop bags and camera bags. I need a bigger camera bag and they look good for 9.99. Camera bags are usually expensive. I need one that has some padding and will hold my camera and a couple of lenses. Those have pockets for filters and batteries too. I’ve already done my shopping this week, but I could pop in and look at those and stock up on beer and barbecue food!

Sunday’s special buys all relate to Mexican food. There is cookware and food. They have cacti too.

On their coming soon page it’s all camping equipment. That stuff is due to be in store on the 22nd of May. My friend will miss that, he’s gone camping for a couple of weeks…

It’s only just over a month now to the first day of summer so it’s worth checking out the offers on summer clothes at Matalan.  Their website could do with a few improvements. I saw a tee shirt I like modelled by someone wearing bright red lipstick. It was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman, but it was in the men’s section…

Don’t forget local markets and seasonal produce now the weather is improving too. Car boot sales at this time of year also offer bargains.

I bought a new speedlight for my camera from Amazon, with £30 cash-back off it was a better price. Getting the cash-back from Nikon isn’t so easy. The instructions are wrong and my first attempt to upload photos of the warranty and receipt they said failed. I think the whole cash-back idea is a fail. Never again… I need a 300mm lens, I’ll use a retailer that cuts prices and avoid the stupid cash-back idea.

Enjoy the nicer weather and you don’t have to spend a fortune having a barbecue for family and friends. Sausages and onions, beef burgers and chicken drumsticks are all reasonable in Aldi. I even had my charcoal from there. They also have Banks’s beer for 99p a bottle…

Have you seen a bargain? Please share your finds with a comment. You can also follow me on Twitter and tweet your finds!


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