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The Review: Spring weather


It looks like we are going to have some nice spring weather this weekend. The white flowers that you see in the foreground of this photo are all along the River Tame now. They are at Bentley Mill, through Wednesbury, at Sandwell Valley Country Park and at Sheepwash and many other places too. There is also a local project examining the history of the Tame; it contributed a lot to our industrial history.

The political battle between the major parties in the UK seems to be hotting up. Local elections and European elections are near. The Libdems are attacking UKIP, but aren’t very good at it. They need to highlight their own policies rather than attack their opposition, who seem to be doing better than they are. The Libdems support the attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable in society. That means they have basically had it; into the political wilderness they will return. Meanwhile, Ed Miliband is getting a makeover from some American guru. He needs to get a sense of humour or at least a comedy writer. He tried to take the p*ss  out of David Cameron but couldn’t say p*ss in parliament so made a mess of the joke. What he should have said if he had a sense of humour: David Cameron couldn’t organise a picnic in a brewery; he’ll always be a sandwich short…

Finance Friday: Economic recover? was yesterday’s post. The stock exchange has been going through a downer recently and so the city doesn’t share George Osborne’s view that the economy is recovering. There are more fiddles in the City of London than in Stradivarius’s workshop and investors are sick of it. I wonder if Ed Miliband wants to buy that joke?

Thrifty Thursday: spring barbecue? was my Thursday post. I think the barbies will be out this weekend. Put the Flymo away and relax with barbecued chicken and a nice glass of Banks’s…

The power of knowledge and wisdom was my Wednesday post this week. I advised a student this week to market herself to get a job. After all she does have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and will soon have a Master’s in International business. She is looking for a job, if anyone needs an intern who speaks fluent Mandarin. We’re very big on exports to China in the Black Country…

Photography: Advertising on your blog was one of my Tuesday photography posts. I think selling advertising to local businesses would be much easier if you could show them an example of their advert on a tablet computer and offer them a month free, followed by a 12 month discount rate.

Neodigital Art: More artistic edits was Tuesday’s art post, with more digital edits from last weeks photos. I’ll get a artistic edit in a art gallery eventually. I want to have some large gallery prints done on acrylic.

Psychology: supply and demand was Monday’s psychology post. It is difficult to think of people as ‘human resources’ to be bought and sold, but that seems to be the modern view. It seems the sex for sale trade is booming in the Black Country too. I’m not really surprised, people have to live when their benefits are stopped. 

The Sunday Ramble: Getting a taste for Banks’s was my post on Sunday. I went back to the Vine yesterday and they have even more pulls now for real ale. There was talk of a beer festival and other attractions. There will be no less than 9 real ales to choose from soon. Are you paying attention Camra? There’s a charity run on the 1st of June and picnic to follow (free buffet) in the evening. Ed Miliband needs to come to the Black Country and get some Banks’s down his neck, it might improve his sense of humour. We don’t want Cameron, leaving his bleedin’ kids in the pub…

Nick Clegg (Pink News):

“Today, on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Nick Clegg wrote a piece for Pink News:

This has been a good week for LGBT rights. Last weekend Austrian drag act Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision song contest, reminding us that we live in the most liberal continent in the world. Some progress was made on the other side of the Atlantic too. A federal judge declared the state of Idaho’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional, saying it relegated same-sex couples to a second-class status.”

I think I might have cleggophobia… 

That’s it for today. I shall be out in the sun taking photos this weekend. Say hello if you see me roaming the Black Country. I’ll be down the canal and looking at the River Tame. I photographed the Boer war re-enactment at the Manor House on the last Bank Holiday weekend and there is another coming up with more events at the Manor House and the Oak House in West Bromwich. Check out Sandwell Museums Facebook page for more information.

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