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Thrifty Thursday: Jersey Royals

You know spring is well under way when those delicious Jersey Royal potatoes arrive in the supermarket. They seem cheaper this year and so we can all afford to enjoy them. Sunday lunch could be special this weekend…

The super-six at Aldi this week includes Jersey Royals (450g), courgettes (500g), mixed peppers (3), green beans (220g), snack pack grapes (170g) and cherry tomatoes (300g). They are all 69p each. Those offers continue until Wednesday the 4th of June.

There are some errors this week on the Aldi website and so I’m not too sure about the meat offers, but those gluten free sausages are there again! You can usually find fresh chickens and maybe pork joints in my local Aldi, so I fancy a nice roast chicken, Jersey Royals and a choice of vegetables for my Sunday lunch this week.

If you spend £2 on a 400g of strawberries in Tesco they will give you the cream to go with them for free.

You can get 400g of strawberries for £1.50 at Asda, but they do have ‘extra special’ strawberries for £3 (300g). How do they grow extra special strawberries? Special compost? 

Asda are still doing lots of buy 2 and save offers, which encourages waste. Have they never heard of responsible retailing?

Today’s special buys at Aldi are good, they have camping equipment. They also have barbecue tools. The chips baskets are back too. I had those, they are great for serving chips at your barbecue.  I bought a camera bag last week from Aldi. It’s great. I can fit my camera in with the lens hood attached and there is room for the speedlight. I’ll be able to fit a 300mm telephoto lens in too.

The Sunday special buys are varied and include lots of lights for the garden, great for those barbecue evenings. The string of solar powered lights would look nice. They are 3.99. I had a solar powered light out of Poundland, it’s quite bright, but seemed to take a couple of weeks to charge up. It comes on every night now.

It’s worth checking out Matalan for summer clothes. It was nice last weekend and so I sorted out a nice Matalan tee shirt to wear for my photography session on Sunday afternoon. I washed all my tee shirts on Monday to freshen them up for the summer. Printed tee shirts don’t seems fashionable any more. Grandad tee shirts are in fashion, but seem hard to get. Light colours for summer obviously…

I’m growing runner beans. The slugs ate the first plants, so I have used egg shells to deter them and a few slug pellets. The second wave of plants seem to be getting started and I have more to plant that are doing really well on my windowsill. Home grown runner beans are delicious and saves you money. I made my own compost to grow them in too!

What  are you doing to save a few quid. To do more with less as the government would like us all to do (except them). Please use the comments box to share your thrifty ideas. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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