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The Sunday Ramble: small world

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If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll know that I go out on Sunday afternoon to take photos around where I live in the Black Country. Last Sunday, I saw this meeting of horse drawn enthusiasts and took a few photos.

The local newspaper got in touch and they were featured on their website. I think they might be putting them in the newspaper or their magazine too. It’s too cold and wet today… The weather forecast says it might clear up by late afternoon. The last hour before sunset can be a good time for photography; despite the long shadows.


I do have other interests besides writing and photography. This morning I had a Skype video-chat with a 19 year old student in China, she showed me the apartment she lives in. The weather there is very similar to here. She likes the UK and is a fan of western food; especially KFC. I helped her this week with a project for her teacher about Margaret Thatcher. I don’t normally dabble in witchcraft…

The University of Wolverhampton

I have also been talking to a student closer to home. She is Chinese too. I first talked to her by Skype when she was studying for an HND at Hubei university in China. After she graduated she came here to study at the University of Wolverhampton and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business studies (marketing). Not content with that, she has stayed to do a Master’s degree in International Business Studies. We have been looking through jobs this week, she would like to gain some experience before returning to China with a job or intern-ship. I thought maybe a West Midlands company that is exporting to China or wants to export to China might welcome a smart graduate with a Masters, who can speak fluent Mandarin. It’s not as easy as I thought. If you know of a suitable position, please let me know. My email address is in the sidebar and I always welcome emails about anything.


Time for a picture…

DSC_9488 (Copy)

Yes, I was in the pub last Friday, on the Banks’s again! The Vine Inn in Darlo has four new pulls and are now going to have a selection of no less than 9 real ales on tap. If you’re too posh for beer, it’s OK; I can see some little bottles of Pimm’s in the background of this picture… They are also going to be showing the World Cup soon on the telly. There is an event next Sunday. I’ve forgotten the details, I think it’s a charity run. I remembered the important bit; the free buffet! I might go and take some photos. I think it starts about 7 in the evening so come early.

The stock market

I’ve been doing better on the stock market this week after a couple of months of watching prices go down, mainly because of the problems in Ukraine. This has caught the interest of the student at Wolverhampton University who studies business. This is the difference between British students and Chinese students. British students think the stock market is out of their league, but Chinese student want all the information. They have the attitude – wow, you make money with no work? Then they too want to try it.

I also had an email from Fairy Dharawat, a writer in India, who writes articles for me to publish on a Zillion Ideas. I’ll edit and publish her article this week. From this, you might think I’m not prejudice against people who are different, but it wasn’t always that way. I was curious about people who were different when I was a child. Nuns in their black habits scared me. We always walked on the other side of the street when we saw a boy in a wheelchair. Yet despite these childhood prejudices against people who were different, we treated a teacher who visited our school like a celebrity. Do you know why we thought he was so special? He was black! Imagine that, someone coming all the way from Ceylon to see us white kids! I understand now that the weird kid that wore special boots when I was at school had a disability. I know what polio does  to people. I know my Facebook friend who uses a wheelchair has the same disability as that boy when I was a child. It’s OK. I’m not even scared of nuns any more. There are people that are still scared; feel sorry for them. They vote UKIP…

It’s a small world and our neighbours are different. They eat funny food, speak exotic languages, but they’re people just like us. Even the nuns; they wear funny clothes out of habit…

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