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Photography: Bloody weather

DSC_9728 (Copy)

We British moan about the weather. This weekend was a bank holiday weekend and so it was dark, miserable and wet. So what choice did I have but to take some ‘atmospheric’ photos. This wide avenue has  a fine church at the end.

Notice the way the the local council has extended the pavements out into the road. This provides random parking on the pavement and an obstacle course for blind people. Notice too the challenge for drivers as they weave around the obstacle course in the road. The fun the  bus drivers have down here…

DSC_9729 (Copy)

There is always a maintenance crew close by to keep the highways and byways in pristine order. Social facilities are provided for the community too.

DSC_9779 (Copy)

Cycle paths are also provided, along the river and through the Black Country countryside…

DSC_9806 (Copy)

All is not what it seems, in the Black Country, but if you’re taking photos on a wet weekend; you can be selective.

DSC_9835 (Copy)

People ask me what it’s like to live in Wednesbury. This picture sums it up. If you need to cross the road just press a button and all the traffic stops for miles, while you saunter slowly across the road. These motorists are going to have some fun on the M6 motorway or perhaps they are on the Bank holiday pilgrimage to Ikea and Halfords?

1 sepia

An artistic edit makes it look different, but those trees still look weird. I think I have a dislike for grey things and prefer a little green in life. It goes quite well with blue water.


I took this last May with my Fujifilm S5600. A better camera helps, but some decent light helps more. Bloody weather…

What do you think? Do you take photos in all weather? Which picture do you like best? Please use the box below to comment or you can follow me on Twitter.


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Sorry about your weather this Bank Holiday weekend. We had perfect weather for our Memorial Day weekend. After our very rough winter it was a welcome relief.

    My favourite photo this week is the path to the pond. The place looks so very serene, yet I like how the tree is at the end of the path, perhaps to guard against someone accidentally wandering into the pond at night.

    It would be interesting to see what you could do with the edits to that photo!

    I also like how you edited the church with the effects on the photo. Seeing all the cars in the other photos stresses me out as I think about navigating all of the traffic calming obstacles in the UK!

    27, May 2014 at 8:37 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      That traffic calming drives me nuts. That road could be so nice, it used to be really good. They would have been better closing it and planting trees and having a fountain, like a piazza. Even the trees are weird. The path to the Mill pond is always nice, I tried to photograph the path around it up to the heath and noticed something moving. It was brown rats after the food left by people feeding the swans! I don’t like brown rats… On Friday when the roads are packed we’ll have sunshine… 😉

      27, May 2014 at 10:35 pm

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