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Thrifty Thursday: good food and style on a budget

I haven’t done my shopping yet this week, I’ll take a look to see what they have in Aldi later. I’m thinking about cooking a stir fry, so some diced pork would be good for that. You can do stir fry with mince, its a bit harder to eat with chopsticks though….

The super-six at Aldi this week includes Jersey Royals (450g), courgettes (500g), mixed peppers (3), green beans (220g), snack pack grapes (170g) and cherry tomatoes (300g). They are all 69p each. Those offers continue until Wednesday the 4th of June.

The special buys today includes things for the garden; I need a watering can. They have a  hedge trimmer and a lawnmower too.

The Sunday special buys includes footballs and flags for England fans. There is a TV to watch the World Cup on too.

If you don’t usually shop at Aldi, then compare their chicken to the prices in the bigger supermarkets where you have to buy three to get a decent price. In Asda the small chickens are usually 3 for £10. Why buy three when you can buy one for 2.99 at Aldi? The chicken is fresh and the water content is much lower. They also do drumsticks for the barbecue for 1.99 a pack.

Some things are quite a good price at Amazon. I bought a white grandad tee shirt for 8.99.  Are they in fashion? Some people think so. If you follow the trends and wear what everyone else is wearing you are in fashion, but you are also a sheep following everyone else. Some people prefer to set the fashions, so look for the antithesis of fashion and wear the Avant garde. Lots of retro clothing is now sought after, but you might have to scour charity shops and jumble sales to find it. Look on EBay too, they have new and used retro clothing.

They have a grandad tee shirt at Matalan, but it’s not quite retro. I might still check it out though next time I go there.

Asda also has a grandad tee shirt in Khaki. I suppose that looks a little retro? Army style retro? 

You can eat quite well if you shop around and you can also go beyond fashion and be quite Avant Garde with your clothing too. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.

They used to say that some things (and people) were a bit ‘common’. On the beach in San Tropez, even Gucci can be common. Style is different to fashion. Look for traditional materials like cotton, silk, wool and leather; also look for quality. 

What do you think? Please share you thoughts and bargains in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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